Ok so I believe i am the worst poster ever! Its been forever since our last post and I basically forced Ty to write it because I didnt want to. Oh well, I will get over it. Anyway not much has happened in our month of March (which by the way I cant believe its over). I basically go to work everyday and ty goes to school and work everyday. Pretty boring. However, just the other week we went to fabulous PHOENIX!!! I was super pumped because I have never been there. Ty used to live there so he knew what to expect. I loved it!!! Can I also say it was perfect weather too!! While it was snowing in Utah we got to enjoy shorts, sandals, sun, and palm trees. Of course I forgot my camera (pretty typical of me) so I will have to wait til we go to logan so I can snag them from my in-laws and post them. These are awesome things we did in AZ.

NCAA basketball Tourney: This was the main event for going to AZ in the first place. Only the guys went though, which i am ok with since I am not really invested in any teams playing. There were only 3 games this tme as apposed to last year when we went to Anaheim they saw 8.

Shopping, shopping, and more shopping: While the guys watched basketball the girls went and explored some awesome shopping centers. They have awesome stores once you get out of Utah. My mother in law spoiled me rotten because my birthday is coming up so for my present I picked out a bunch of MUCH needed spring/summer shirts (and an awesome purse). Thanks Catherine!!!! And my aunt bought me the best foundation in the whole world (Bare Minerals) because i love it and i didnt feel justified in spending almost $30 on powder when I have a husband to feed and bills to pay, so she literally forced me to the counter and bought it. I felt really bad because she DID NOT need to do that but also feel really greatful because i can literally see my face clearing up this second. Thanks Chris!! We went to Marshalls (which they dont have in Utah) and i found TONS of stuff for incredible prices, I didnt want to leave.

ASU: One of the places Ty is thinking about going to grad school is Arizona State so we went to the campus to look around and talk to some people in his depot. The people were so nice (except the front desk guy was little nuts) and the campus was huge. We deffinately liked it, so that was good.

So that was our great trip to Phoenix in a nutshell. Oh ya, something that Ty and I have recently started to do is try and exercise regularly and get ready for a 5K in May. I know what some of you are thinking "Jody, doing a 5K, hahahahaha!" But I really want to try it for some reason. However, I DO NOT run, ever, I hate it, i practically feel like i am going to die, literally, every time i run. So i am not sure how this is going to pan out, but at least I am making an effort (a small one) right?! So what we do every day to prepare (because its super crappy outside) is do my "Shape" ab video and then, get this, I have a "Dancing with the Stars" dance workout video, and yes, my awesome husband does the Cha Cha, Samba, Jive and Paso Doble with me every day (he is really embarassed I am telling you this by the way). He is so cute, a little uncoordinated, but cute non the less, and its really fun, plus I secretly think he likes shaking his boo-tay!!! Fun times!!