Have your cake and eat it too

Well school has officially begun and the leaves have started turning. For the first time in many years, I am excited for fall! I don't know why but shorter days and coldness really put a damper on my love of fall, but not this year.
Lately we have been potty training. Not cool. I'm officially not a fan. Luce was really gun-ho and doing great for the first few days and now its all we can do to get her to sit on the potty. I feel like if I bug her and bug her she will just hate it more and more. So im not sure what to do. Hmmm. But it would be awesome if she were completely trained by lets say tomorrow Halloween.

Also we went to the specialist to talk about her eating. The early intervention people convinced me that there is probably something go on with her stomach as to why she only eats 5 foods. So we got up super early, headed to primary childrens (after 3 months of waiting for the appt date) and went into a horribly depressing hospital that totally freaked me out (im a little irrational around sick people) and met with a dr who basically was wondering why I was there. He said "she is stubborn", there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. And he gave me a couple of ideas (that we have tried a millions times before) of how to get her to eat and shoved me out the door. Ok he didnt shove me out the door, he was very nice, but thats how i felt. Dont get me wrong i am GRATEFUL there is nothing wrong with my babe but I just wanted answers, well a different answer. Boo. I was so ticked. I almost started to cry right there in the office (and i am not a crier). I have been fighting this battle since birth and i got my hopes up that we would find something that could easily be fixed and we were off to an eating wonderland, but no, my dreams were squashed in an instant. So now our new plan of action is (we have already tried this time and time again mind you) that Lucy will eat what we are eating for dinner and if she doesnt eat it she goes to bed hungry. its been hard cause when we go to friends house and there is dessert, she cant eat any until she eats some of her dinner and there is lots of crying and whining, and i feel really bad, but i guess the wild stallion will take time to break. We are on a week of this, still no luck. She has an iron will that Hilter would be jealous of.

In other news, my body hates me. totally random, but it does.

In other, other news Ty got a job offer completely out of the blue, like they sought him out and wants him to work for them right now. PRETTY CRAZY stuff. We don't have any details yet but as soon as everything gets worked out I will definitely be blogging this miraculous miracle for the world wide web to see!

Oh ya! and in other, other, other news. I am dangerously close to begin ready to start up a cake business!!! This is something I have been thinking a lot about and I really REALLY love to do it. Plus i can do it from home. I am just struggling with a name... There are so many good names out there how could i possibly choose just one?! But here is my latest design. This is a birthday cake for my bro-in-law Andrew and to say he is a serious BYU fan would be an understatement, so it was only fitting that i do a byu cake just for him.