Sticky situation

 So yesterday at work I get a text from Ty saying "Guess what Lucy just put all over in her hair". knowing my child i knew this was not going to be good. Turns out she got a hold of a Vaseline bottle and thought she would style her hair. Boy did it turn out pretty!

Looks like she just got out of the bath right? Nope thats 1 1/2 hours after the bath with 2 hair washings. Still as plastered as ever.

We discovered the Vaseline doesnt come out of hair. Lovely. But I did read some remedies to help out a little. One of which, corn starch.

Cornstarch didnt really work and after I let it sit in her hair for about 10 min I washed it out with dish soap cause I heard that works too. 3 washings later, while a touch better, still in there.

So then I heard you have to get the super powerful dish soup that fights grease. So today i let that sit in her hair for a BRUTAL 5 min, 2 times in a row and it worked!!! So bottom line, HIDE THE PETROLEUM JELLY! And get some Dawn Power Clean for all you household (and personal) needs!

My big girl!

 This sat was Lucy's bday. I couldnt believe she was two already. Wow. I have lots and lots of pictures and a few stories to share so bare with me.

 The morning of her birthday i made chocolate waffles, she loves waffles and she loves chocolate so it was a hit!

Then we headed off to Discovery Gateway and played with the hundreds of kids. this was the first time we had been and it was awesome! lucy would have stayed all day long if she could have.

Riding the plastic horse at the museum, she was a little nervous about this.

This is one of the gifts we gave her, a box full of Disney princess dress ups. She is modeling Bell. We aslo got her a Tinkerbell movie. such a girl!!!

This was the cake i made for her. I wanted it to look like a ruffled skirt or tutu because she is obsessed with tutu's and super girly things.

Inside shot of the cake. So the middle layer is a tad darker than I wanted. I wanted it to go dark to light. oh well.
 All in all a pretty successful day! I cant believe two years ago I was in the hospital with a newborn. We love you Lucy!!!
                                 Then....                                                                          And now!


So I am sitting here waiting for H&R Block to upload last years tax information and it is taking FOREVER!!! Holy smokes. I love/hate tax season. I only hate it because Im not sure if im the most qualified person to do our taxes, and because a few years ago we got HOSED and so now Im a little gun shy.  Like everyone else, we are poor and would love a little cushion in our bank accounts. Can you hear the drumming of my fingers on the desk as I wait?

So this is a crazy week for us. My baby turns 2. I seriously cannot believe this. To think that I got pregnant in 2009 and it is already 2012 is absolutely mind boggling. Im not sure if I should cry because she is growing up so fast, or be happy that we have managed to keep a living thing alive for this long. I have debated and debated on whether to do a big party or not. I think this year we are going to forgo the party. Are we horrible parents? I just figure both our families are going to have to travel to get here and to stay for like an hour or two for someone who has no idea what is going on, I just decided next year will be better. But we are going to have a birthday cake and just celebrate at Sunday dinner. I will have to post pics of my latest creation on Sunday. I have something envisioned, lets just hope I can pull it off.

So I have a HORRIBLE case of spring fever today. I got an email that Carters is having a bogo sale so I was rummaging through all there adorable things online and I couldnt help but think of how Lucy would wear these things while living in St George this summer. And it made me think of how warm it will be and how we can wear sandals, shorts, and swimsuits. Awwww summer...

I just finished our taxes. Pretty good return. Not AS good as last year, but still pretty good. It will definitely help us over the summer since Ty's internship is unpaid and I wont have a job either.

Man just put Luce down for the night and all of a sudden this past week it is like pulling teeth to put her to bed. Nap or bedtime. I dont know what it is, but all of a sudden. She used to LOVE going to sleep and did so without a blink of an eye, but this week, screaming and trying to climb out of her crib and banging her picture frames against the wall. She is getting smart because she will pretend she needs something that is completely mandatory in order for her to go to bed just so we will let her out for a second. Stinker. I love that stinker though.