Well here is a butt load of pictures that i have been waiting to post. most all of the pics are from when Lucy got her newborn's done (even though she was 2 months old at the time). Now we need to get her 3 month pics done! but i am pretty sure these are some of the CUTEST pics i have ever seen. our photographer is Alisha Siddoway in Logan and she is AMAZING!!! Her prices are incredible and she knows how to handle a camera. Lucy was kind of a pill through most of them and as you can see she still got amazing pics!!! I cant say enough about her!! Andthis is completely random but i just have to say, right now lucy has this swing she sits in and there are little birds that go in circles above her head and also has a mirror to look at. well for weeks she loves the little birds and watches them as the bobble and sway above her head, but today, today folks is a new day!! she has discovered the mirror!!! she has been staring at herself completely bamboozled for the past 10 minutes!!! oh i love it!!! i can just see those brain wheels a churnin. She is so stinkin cute, i cant handle it!!! Oh ya, and another way random thing, lucy is losing her hair:( there are little hairs all over her stuff and when i put lotion in her hair it gets all over me and her!! But she is still bea-utiful!!!
these first pics are from lucy's blessing on mothers day

these are the ones alisha did


So little time

Well, where do I even begin?! It has been almost two months since our last post. Well life is awesome. We will start there. Ty and I are still here in Provo, and will be until who knows when. You know what, we are perfectly ok with that. We didnt get in to any school's for Ty. And we are ok with that too. I am back to work, and for the most part, am ok with that (most days). Life is great. We still have no idea where we are going to end up, what Ty will be doing for a career/school, and where we will be 6 months down the road. But life is good. Honestly, we are so happy. Having Luce around is the best thing ever. Being miserable for 8 months was TOTALLY worth it, and I would do it again in a second (well maybe in a couple of years).

Right now I am back to work full time. Ty is working at the Library until August and in the mean time, is looking for a good job, so that maybe I could stay home more and take care of Lucy. He is going to change his major to Sports management and is looking for a job to give him some good experience in this. We are also thinking about the Air Force. The bottom line is, we are trying to figure out what the Lord wants us to do.

Luce is growing like a weed. Well to us she is. To everyone else she is teeny tiny. She is almost 11 weeks old and is 9 lbs. She is still in newborn clothes. But last week i could fit my thumb and middle finger around her thigh, and this week I cant!!! I was exciting about this since I would LOVE for her to chunk up a bit. But she is doing awesome! She is almost sleeping through the night and is cooing, and talking, smiling, and is so strong! She is like a little he-woman. She does have reflux and has to take medicine and she pukes ALL the time (not spit-up, she pukes, like her whole bottle at once sometimes). Man we love this little girl. In our prenatal class we took before we had her, the nurse drew a straight line and then the line dipped and then rose up and flat-lined again , but the line after the dip was higher than the other line (if this makes sense). She explained that before you have your baby, life is good, then for the first few weeks after you have them, stress, exhaustion, and whatever else makes life dip down. After you get used to everything life is better than it ever has been and you cant imagine it any better. That is SSOOOO true in our experience. Life is so good. It doesnt matter how poor we are, where we are going to be in 6 months, or what crazy things come our way. Its crazy how much happiness one little poopy, spitty, crying, beautiful, happy little girl can bring.

In the mean time... Awesome news!!! Ty and I have been married for 2 years!!! Yesterday (Sunday) was our anniversary. I cant tell you how amazing our two years together has been. Man I can tell you I have never been more in love. I have said this time and time again, Ty and I can stare at the wall and it would be SO fun. We love being together. We are obsessed with each other. I always wonder if people get sick of us being so lovey dovey all the time. Not that i care one i-ota if they do. One thing I love about us being married is that we are best friends. Honestly, there isn't one thing we dont talk about, we are never worried if we are dorks in front of each other (which is all the time), we laugh, cry, sometimes laugh until we cry. I am so glad we have eternity to hang out and just be together. Dont worry we have many pictures to catch you all up with, but I dont have them uploaded yet. But stay tuned!