Photos, Christmas, and new beginings

Well first thing is first. So remember how I was STRESSING so much about this wedding I had to photograph the other weekend ago. Well, it came and went and I havent even blogged about it. I have to say first off, the wedding was AWESOME!! My good friend Jenni and her lovely new husband "E" (his name is a little hard to pronounce so he goes by E) were as gorgeous and darling as ever as they tied the knot. Everyone was dapper and sparkling and there were lots of lit Christmas trees, awesome African inspired food, dancing, AMAZING African wedding garb and the most adorable little kids around. We had a lot of fun. However, my fears did come true. I was SO nervous that the lighting was going to be horrible and the pictures would therefore suffer immensely and it happened. I could salvage them a little and get some good shots but the quality of the actual image is not the best and for this it makes my heart break. I am so nervous that she is going to be upset with them and forever remember her big day as grainy and low quality when she looks at these pictures. But unless I rented studio lighting and all this fancy equipment to help out with the lighting, I think this was as good as it would have gotten. Honestly, there wasnt anything else I could have done. But I still kick myself for it. But here is a little view of the "better" ones that were taken .

First the wonderful cake made my by old roommate Brittany, she is the Martha Stewart of Utah

The first moment together as they venture on their new lives. I loved the look on E's face

A little moment of the bride getting ready

A shot outside, it was FREEZING and windy

This one is my fave. The look on Jenni's face is priceless!

The grooms sister and niece, aren't they GORGEOUS!

As for my next item of business. Christmas! We had a great Christmas season. It came and went faster than ever this year I swear. We went to the Kings and enjoyed the great traditions and family time that we had. My in-laws, I cant remember who actually, got the Wii game Wipeout, SO FUN!! We love this t.v. show and the game is hilarious, if you have a Wii we recommend it. Also Just Dance 2 was a blast as well. We all got matching pj's and this years theme was Moose. I will have to get Catherine to send me some pics of us, especially Lucy, she was adorable and her pj's were so funny! She got a mini Kitchen thing from G&G King and she LOVES it, that was a major hit. Oh AND I finally got a pair of boots!!! Here is a picture of them, in brown. They are even cuter in real life.

So all in all we had a great holiday and I CANNOT believe the New Year is basically here. I complain about the time moving so fast that Tyler always tells me "your going to be fifty and not even enjoy the years you have had because your so worried that the time is going to fast". Which is true, BUT IT IS!! I cant handle it. My baby is almost 1 whole year old!! This just simply will not do! I am bracing myself for that day so i dont have a total meltdown.

Which reminds me, so Tyler and I have found ourselves on a path this year that has lead us down so many twists and turns, forks and T's and in and out of the woods and traffic more than our whole lives combined. We have now come to the conclusion that more school is in the cards for us. Everything we have come up with, every career option, life goals, you name it, all seems to be pointing toward more schooling. As much as Tyler is so nervous for doing this, we have decided to apply to Grad school for next fall. We are a little gun shy as the last debacle over this didnt quite pan out the way we had imagined and were denied to ALL 5 grad schools all in the most stressful and difficult week of ours lives. But we feel really good about this direction and the "current" path we are on. He has decided that the sports world is where we need to be and that is what he loves most. So Sports Communication is what he will get his Master's in. We are so far applying to Weber, SUU, Utah, U of Denver, and ASU so keep your fingers crossed for us, we need it desperately!


Lucy Lu

Well its been a bit since I have put any pictures in here of Lucy, well good ones anyway. On Sunday Ty and I decided that it is hi-time we get some good pictures of Lucy before she is in college. So we headed over to the Riverwoods before church and snapped a few photos of our cutie-pie. Here is a bunch of our fav's.
So this coming Saturday I have a wedding to shoot. I am pretty nervous. Well, really really nervous actually. I am doing the whole she-bang, the ceremony, after ceremony pics, dancing, cake cutting, everything. I am so nervous. If I mess up, they will never get this moment back. My pictures are all they have to remember this blissful event. Oh boy. I think I will need a few prayers.