I need help AGAIN!!

Ok thank you all for your thoughts on my dilemma on skinny jeans and boots. Well I have a new dilemma. This doesnt have to do with fashion though. So my family drew names for Christmas just like always except this year we changed it up a little. Instead of each person (spouses included) drawing out a name we did it as families this time. Great idea, because instead of spending $90+ on presents for two adults and one kid, we only spend $50 on the whole family. So here is my problem. I drew my eldest, or I shall say most wise sister and her family. Love my sis, love the fam, but what on this earth do I get them?!! She is just recently married and now they have a mixed family. The kids range from 10-23 and none of them really like the same things and there are a total of 7 people that I have to think about. I NEED IDEAS!!! PA-LEASE

In other news, Lucy is dangerously close to crawling, dangerously! Im nervous because now she will be into everything! But excited because a new stage is always exciting. Also my dreams have finally come true and we can now do Lucy's room! I cannot WAIT!! I have been waiting for this since before I was pregnant. Anytime I can decorate or dream about decorating is like a big breath of fresh air in a floral shop, but outside, maybe in the mountains on a beautiful spring day, just after it rains. Literally. I just refinished her changing table, found it on KSL for $25. And I we are currently looking at paint samples and deciding on a style. Dont your worry yourselves, pictures will come!


Problem solved

So I did it. I took the plunge and bought my first pair of skinny jeans. And you know what? I LOVE THEM! I am definitely going to by more. I think the key is you have to try and try and try them on, a bunch of kinds, you cant just settle on trying on one pair. I know my tush doesnt just fit into any pair of jeans its the hardest part of shopping in my opinion I have to try on a bunch of brands and cuts so I took that philosophy to TJ Maxx because they have loads of different brands and I had a dress to return and after 8 different pairs and a tired husband he hates shopping and a fussy baby, I walked out totally satisfied. They are black didnt think I would get black and not SUPER skinny like jeggings but just skinny enough to tuck into those perfect pair of boots that I am destined to find AND here's the best part, the bottoms wont drag on the ground and get wet in the winter which I do believe is my BIGGEST pet peeve, I HATE IT!!! So, awesome all around!

Another awesome thing, my mother-in-law is taking all the girls to So You Think You Can Dance concert on Thursday. Even though this past season wasnt my fav, I am still super stoked about going. I love dancing and I love concerts so its a two in one bonus.

This past weekend we went to G-town to visit my sis and her family and celebrate her son Zach's baptism. Lucy had all the attention she could ever hope for and Tyler finally got a two day weekend that was well past due. We love going to my sis's house. Congrats Zach! This is Zach with a little war paint on his cheeks, gotta love him!