New Day

Well friends today is a new day. Well everyday is a new day, but today, today is the beginning of a new life! Ok that is a little dramatic BUT I am proud to announce that today is the first day since the age of NINE that I have had ALL my teeth!!! Its true. When I was a little girl, for many reasons that I cannot remember i had to have 2 of my molars removed. Since then, I have had 2 HORRIBLE bridges that were glued on to the teeth on either side of the missing teeth and they would fall out a day after the dentist put them back in. This happened more times then I could count until finally i just left them out and had to go hillbilly style. It was annoying, embarrassing even though people couldnt see it, and just frustrating. Its been a long haul but finally I get to enjoy any food without worrying if it will ruin anything, and the peace of mind knowing that I am whole again!!! Ok, so I sound like those cheesy people on the Clear Choice commercials. But i am SSOOO happy about it!!! p.s i didnt do Clear Choice just fyi

So now that I have a full mouth of pearly white chompers, I am also proud to announce that my wonderful husband has gotten in to ALL of the grad schools he has applied!!! I dont mean to toot our horn, but remember one year ago when we were DENIED to ALL the schools he applied, and how we were so lost on what we were doing with our lives, and where do we go from here, and what do we do now, and starting all over from scratch and it was SUCH a leap of pure faith to completely revamp our future. Well, I certainly remember, and for that i WILL toot our horn!!! When we were deciding what on earth we were going to do with our lives I prayed so hard everyday that something will come up, that we can be lead to opportunities that will be good for our family, and less that a year later we figured out what we were to do. When we were applying to schools again these last few months I prayed again so hard that if this was the right path that maybe we could get into just one school, just to confirm the choice we made. Can I just tell you how wonderful it is to know that you are on the right path!!! Im so glad for Ty and how hard he has worked to get to where we are.

P.s. it looks like we will probably be staying in P-town a while longer as one of those schools is BYU and there is NO WAY Ty would give up returning to his dream school again!!!

p.p.s. Lucy is walking!!! Well she is mostly still hanging on to things and crawling BUT we can get her walk all over the house when we get her in a courageous mood that is. Once i figure out how to upload a video, i will prove it!!!


So right now I am staring out the window sobbing a silent sob of sorrow. Pretty sad huh. The good thing about snow in the spring, well its almost spring, is that the snow never lasts for too long. And thank the heavens above for that one. I have come down with a severe case of spring fever and the only way to break it is the warmth of the golden sun.

Enough about that. The other day, Saturday to be exact, Lucy and I had a girls night at the mall. IT was really fun. While daddy was at work we were busy spending all of his bucks on the CUTEST little outfits. She was in desperate need of 12 month clothes, as she is pretty close to fitting in them now. Macy's was having a KILLER sale and although I went in to purchase pants, I left with 2 outfits, 2 dresses, and 2 pants. Everything was at least 50% off for there 1 day sale and I thought I better stock up while its cheap. Not to mention the CUTEST swimsuit from Crazy 8. Lets see if I can upload a picture of the ridiculousness. Actually we will just give a link. P.s. the back is as cute or even cuter than the front!

So lately I am crazy about my Pandora mix. I put it on Norah Jones and most of the time it ROCKS!!! Not that I am a huge fan of Norah, I do like her, but I love the mix of stuff it brings up. I have to tell you about James Morrison, not the jazz musician. i LOVE his stuff these days. You should check him out on iTunes. Also there is a Genius list of people that sound like him and basically you have my Pandora mix. LOVE IT!!!

Also running was hard tonight for some reason. I almost cried. I only went like 1 1/2 miles. But it was killer. Nights like tonight make me wonder why I ever want to work towards a 10K. But alas, my life will go on. Night night!!