Chalk one up on the Lucy board

Oh my little child. My little, little, naughty, gross, beautiful girl. You sure have done it this time! Wow. Just wow. I am speechless actually.

Ok here is the story. Tyler and I were watching a movie tonight and our little, dear, sweet child was all up in our grill. We descided "hey, we NEVER get to spend time together, just us, so lets put her in our room and turn on a movie". I know, we are great parents. So there she goes, in to watch her favorite show as of late, Beauty and the Beast. We saunter on back every so often to check up on her and see if she needs anything or what not. So our movie ends and I go back to check on her and as soon as I walked into the room I noticed she had something in her fingers. Something small, round, and... brown. I also noticed her hand was coming from her diaper... I ran over to her, praying that the obvious was just a vicious trick played on my mind, but no, nope, no tricks here in the King home, no tricks, just a bunch of little turd-letts scattered strategically across our beautiful, freshly clean bed.  I dont remember the words or the decibel level that came out of my mouth, but Ty came running. I just remember the words "GROSS", "Lucy, dont ever do that again!" and "GROSS" and "Lucy that is cah-cah (yes i use baby words, sue me)" and "GROSS". Did i mention how gross? Thank HEAVEN that it was in little pebbles and not schmere stuff. THANK HEAVENS!!! I can tell you one thing. And please fast forward if you are sensitive, but I know my child, and if there is one thing I know, Lucy STILL puts things in her mouth... EWE, gross, EEEEWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE, ewe, ewe, gross, BLAH, I CANT GET THAT IMAGE OUT OF MY BRAIN!!! And now neither can you. Sorry. But I DID warn you. To say the least her hands were scrubbed and her teeth are more clean then they ever have been. Oh my dear child, my curious, curious child. Why do you hate us?!


Jealousy and Lloyd Christmas

Yesterday was a big day in the King home. We cut Lucy's hair for the FIRST time yesterday!! It was so exciting! She was bawling basically the whole time, mostly because it was her nap time and she was draped in weird black cloaks. But she did great! Before the hair cut she looked pretty much like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. Im not kidding, we would call her Lloyd all the time. We cut only about an inch off, just to even out her hair. Not much change at all, in fact you probably would never even notice the change. We took pics but they are on Ty's iPod and i dont want to download them right now.

Speaking of Ipod. How many techies out there are obsessed with iPods (of any variety), T.v.'s, the latest gaming system, pretty much anything that is new technology? Not you? Me either, not my cup of hot chocolate (although some of that does sound good right now). I dont reallly care much about it at all. My husband on the other hand is OBSESSED!!! In fact I dont think that is a strong enough word. We are talking about a guy who has gone through THREE iTouch's! Well today I have broken my husbands heart. Literally he hasnt been the same since we found out the news...

My phone is HORRID, i hate it in fact. I have had it for a little over a year now and it has been on the frits about a year. So today it totally bit the dust. We went to Verizon and low and behold it has wter damage? Weird, i have never set it or dropped it in any sort of liquid. Anyway, since i am up for an upgrade we have descided on me probably getting an iPhone. I was totally against it in the beginning. But I either get another crappy phone that will probably go out fast again, or I get some kind of a smartphone. But then again, is it a waste of my time spending $100 on a phone that I dont even care about. But then Ty convinced me that it really is the way to go because most all cell phone compainies are trying to phase out your plain jane phones to these "internet capable" cool phones. Whatev. Anyway now my husband is seriously distraught and depressed that I get an iPhone before him. He has wanted one since the word iPhone even existed and I could care less about one. Sorry hun!

In other news, I cant believe that in one week it is Thanksgiving!! WHAT?! Its basically Christmas, which means it is basically 2012, which means Lucy is 2 years old!!!  I cannot have a TWO year old people!!  We are taking off to sunny St Jorge (this is how we pronounce it in my house) for the turkey fest and we cant WAIT!

I swear there was something else I was going to blog about but I cant put my finger on it, literally, ok that was a bad pun, i dont even know if I get it! Also I just looked up Lloyd Christmas on google and I have been totally wrong, its Harry who we compare Lucy's hair too. Oops!