Becoming a........

This just in, breaking news on the King home front. This past Thursday we had the big appointment with the OBGYN. Its kind of funny the whole pregnancy thing, there are a few big moments before the baby actually comes. The first time you find out you're pregnant, when you start to show, and then when you find out what it is. Its a big day if not for the fact that you get to start calling them a he or a she and not an it. We have a great doctor, his office staff is awesome, the only problem is he doesn't have the biggest office in the world. You throw in a family with five kids under the age of 11, things can get a little hairy. This is the exact situation we found ourselves in as we walked in. As we sat down I looked over at Jody right when the kids started to overturn the furniture and thought, "Do we really want to have this thing?"
After another scolding look from my wife, it was our turn to go in. I have to give props to our doctor, he grabbed that ultrasound mouse thingy, whipped out the gel and started to go to town on Jody's belly. Pretty soon a blob appeared on screen, that's always the coolest things to see. This little baby just chilling out, relaxing all cool. The doc started to go through all of its body parts, making sure everything was in the right place, no extra toes coming out of their head or anything like that. Thankfully our baby is perfectly healthy. Once he was done he got the ultrasound machine ready to take pictures and said,"all right lets do this, lets find out what this thing is!"
I really don't know what to expect when we would find out. We both talked about how we really didn't care what we were having just that they were healthy. Also it was kind of strange to be staring at a video screen trying to see our babies unmentionables. But we finally got our baby to corporate and were having a little baby girl. Were pretty excited not just to be having a girl but now we can narrow down our names. I swear that's all we talk about but have no idea what we want to name her. So I will be adding a poll so you can vote for one of our favorite names (don't be shy to add in a few of your favs as well). We have some pictures from the doctor so here they are: