We three Kings

So from my last post if any of you were concerned for my health, everything is ok. I went to the Dr and they did confirm that IM PREGNANT!!! We have known just over a month, but yesterday was my first appt and we actually heard the heartbeat!! The Dr didnt think we would be able to because I am not that far enough along, but sure enough, it was there and suprised me and Tyler. Man I tell you, it puts everything into perspective when you actually KNOW there is someone growing inside of you, it wasn't just a figment of my imagination. So here is the run down:
I am currently 9 weeks along. That puts my due date March 30 (my good friend Kathryns b-day!). It seems like FOREVER away, but i hear the time goes by fast. I have been feeling great, a little tired and a little moody but not much nausea at all (THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER!!). I swear, that was my #1 worry about having a baby; it wasn't the possible hours of agonizing child birth, the eternities of comittment; the financial struggles; the fact that this child is SOLELY dependant on Tyler and I; no, it was the fact that I could struggle with morning sickness. I cant tell you the stress I had over that one. But hopefully I will miss it all together (I pray for it everyday) Other than that, things are great. We are really excited and nervous!!


much going on!!!

Well hello there. I dont know why everytime i start out my posts i feel the need to say hello, and then i procede to say how long its been since our last post and that i will try to do better. But today i shall just stat out by saying HELLO! Ha

Well much has taken place since Ty's post i do have to say! First off, i chopped my hair!!! Ok may not CHOPPED but i cut it to just below my chin exactly one month ago. I am so glad i did it. Now i just need to get a trim, it's grown probably an inch (i'm not even kidding) since then. Pretty exciting.
It seems as though we are gone every weekend. Our ward thinks we are inactive i think. We do feel bad about that, because we do have important responsibilities to fulfull. But the things we have been doing are:
Babysitting in Gunnison for a weekend
Bear Lake
Family BBQ's
4th of July fun
24th of July fun
Hanging out with friends and family
I swear there have been more things, but Ty isn't here for me to ask about them. Also we are still in the quest for grad schools, but we will be in that quest for quite some time. We still havent' really narrowed any down yet. Who knows!? But i do have to say Ty is a TROOPER. He studies for the G.R.E. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Today he told me "I am actually getting more questions right than i am wrong!" Which is a pretty big step since he hasn't taken that kind of math in like 6 years. I just love that kid!!! And i finally took the plunge and starting taking guitar lessons!!! I am very excited for this. I have been wanting to play for years, but i just dont have the gumption/talent to teach myself. It is SOOO nice because it is at Summerhays Music in Orem, which is like 1/2 block away from work and my lesson is at 5, so its basically on my way home, SO CONVENIENT!!!
As for now, i am going to post some pictures of our adventures. Oh ya, its been kinda weird lately. I have been feeling different. Lately a little queazy, headaches, moodiness and very tired! Strange! Hum, oh well

My cuty-patooty niece Lauren

The crew (Mandi and Chad were there too) at Jackson. And yes, Blake is wearing ONESIES

The beautiful and wonderous Teton mountains

Ty and I before our 1 1/2 mile hike around Jenny Lake, the hike sign LIED it was more like 5 1/2 miles!!!!

Our first little friend we ran in to. Well he is OUR friend but you can obviously see what he thinks of us!!

Our second friend we ran into, I have no idea what he is eating but he really was THAT close and didn't even flinch at us!!

Mine and Ty's future family vehicle