The happenings!

Well it is true. I made it through my surgery! I still feel a little bit like i have been punched in the stomach, but all in all, much better. I cant wait until i am all the way better (next week or so) then i can fully enjoy myself and my food. We forgot our camera of course so we didnt really get to document this momentous occasion. Ty only got 1 picture on his cell that I will have to get uploaded. I am trying to fight back a new fear from developing though. It took me a LONG time to actually get out of the hospital. When it should have only been a few hours at the most. It turns out the the normal amount of anestesia one would give a person of my stature was WAY to much for me to handle. It took me a long time to wake up and about 5-6 more hours to be stable enough to go home. It really did a number on me. Every time i would doze off at the hospital my breathing would go way down and it would set off this alarm thingy to send the nurse rushing in. To say the least i was really scared at the hospital. I know now that things like this happen all the time and it really is not that big of deal but I cant help but wake up in the middle of the night and wonder to myself "was i breathing ok", "what if i cant wake up". And then it brings up the whole fear of whats going to happen if i have to have surgury again, i dont want to be scared. I am really trying to hold myself back and not let this become a problem. But I am feeling better and better everyday. Ty's dad just told me i probably wont feel absolutely 100% back to normal for THREE WEEKS!!! Patience is a virtue. At least thats what they tell me...
On to Christmas... We were spoiled once again. I got everything I asked (except a puppy, which wont happen until we have a backyard :( ) and so did Ty. I got a guitar and a knee length trench coat from Santa and from Ty I got some super cute shoes, jacket, and the cutest was a teapot that was filled with pieces of paper that have my favorite things to do, so when Ty and I are looking for a date, I can pull out a paper and have to do the thing on the paper. I thought that was super cute and very thoughtful of my favorite buddy! All of you "Office" fans out there might remember Jim gave a similar present to Pam for Christmas one year. CUTE!!! Ty got some clothes, books, shoes, DVD's and of course his ONE item on his wish list an Ipod Touch!!! I am telling you, the kid hasnt taken his hands off of it since he opened it!!! I think Santa created a monster!
One more piece of good news. One of my bestest buddies in the whole world my little Meg had her baby!!!! It was a total surprise, she went into labor and had her Christmas day!!! She wasnt due for a few more weeks even!! We love you Meg and Kade, Congrats on the little squirt. DeJanae is BEAUTIFUL!!! And I cant believe we are old enough to have one of these!


I know, I know...

Ok so I know it has been forever since I last posted. For this, I am sorry... The funny thing is, is that I read people blogs ALL the time. AND when people haven't posted in a long time, I feel like I am missing out and wanting to really catch up with them. Anyway, a lot has been going on these past few months. Ty is FINALLY finished with this semester and finals. We and esp. HE is very grateful for the little break before next semester. I have been going to work, and thats about it. However we have had a few changes take place.
1) We almost have our guest bathroom complete (hopefully within the next week)
2) We got to decorate our humble abode for Christmas, for the very first time WAHOO!!
(p.s its been so long posting I forgot how to turn the pictures around! Sorry)

3) Well I have been kind of sick for the last two-ish months. Dr appt after Dr. appt FINALLY we found out (and I knew it all along) I have to have my gall-bladder taken out on MONDAY!!! YA-freaken-HOO for finding out what was wrong AND getting the stupid thing taken out, but BOO for having to actually have surgery! I have never really had surgery before (minus oral surgery) so its going to be quite the experience. I am a little nervous, but mostly excited to feel good again.
I hope all is well with all of you. We are so excited for Christmas!! We are spending it with Ty's family in Logan and will get spoiled to death as always when we go up there. Mostly I think we are excited to have an ENTIRE week off! I will have to send a little shot out to you all to let you curious people know how gall-bladder surgery is next week. Until then, PEACE!


Ok so we were tagged

Since this is a Jody and Tyler blog i shall include Ty's answers (to the best of my ability) as well as mine.

8 TV Shows We Love To Watch:
The Office
Jon and Kate Plus 8
Dirty Jobs
So You Think You Can Dance
Anything on Travel Channel
Food Network
What Not to Wear

The Office
Football (mostly college)
Dirty Jobs
So You Think You Can Dance

8 Favorite Restaurants (no particular order)
Sensuous Sandwich
Fat Jacks (I guess Roys now, but it will always be Fat Jacks to me)
Cafe Rio or Costa Vida
Fire House (in Logan)

8 Things that happened Today:
I went to work
Ate lunch with ty
Had J-Dogs for the first time
Made a Christmas List
Did some laundry
Almost hit about 50 pedestrians at BYU (they are everywhere!!!)
Will get my AWESOME Halloween costume for work
Hang out with my Ty

Went to school
Ate J-dogs for the first time with Jody
Watch TV
Got Car ins and car licensing stuff figured out
Went to The Nelsons (grandparents)
Ate Jody's Cap'n Crunch Cereal

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:
Getting a puppy one day
Being debt free (one day)
Raising children (note that i didnt say being pregnant)
Moving somewhere awesome for Ty's grad school
The holiday season
Phoenix in March
Ty coming home from school today

Being done with school this semester
Phoenix in March (March madness woo-hoo)
Getting our apt finished
Having more money than we have now (that means actually making a LIVING)
Getting an Ipod Touch (one day)
Going to Grad School
Being a History Professor at an awesome college

8 Things on our wish list:

Refer to the above questions answers


Its about time!!

So i know, its been awhile. I have learned that I am a horrible blogger. If blogging is anything like journal writing its only a matter of time before I forget that I even have a blog. In fact, in my journal I think Ty is still known as "this one guy in my ward". Anywho, what's been going on with us the King fam. Well after my last post Ty and I went to Mandi and Chads wonderful wedding. It was such an awesome experience. With so many people I know that are getting divorced (such a sad world) it was so refreshing to see such love between two people. Ty and I were talking and I said I get so happy at weddings that I just cry, maybe more than the bride, just because of how sweet the spirit is. Plus it makes me think of when Ty and I got married and it just makes me so happy to think people in my life are going to be as happy as I am now that they found their favorite buddy too! We stayed at my sister Nickie and Jordans house and had fun with the kids. Ty is the fav though because he has Nerf guns. Here are some pics of the kids and the infamous Nerf guns.

Parker and Zach and the beginning of the HUGE Nerf mess.

This one is a little blurry but this is Zach and the BIG automatic Nerf gun

After that i got sick, AGAIN!!!! I know, what the crap!!! This time I was hacking up a lung and all sorts of goop, and then I lost my voice, completely. Luckily though we were laying tile in our kitchen and guest bathroom so my spirits were kept high. Man was tile laying hard work. Neither Ty and I had done that before so we didnt quite know what we were getting into. I LOVED it, Ty, not so much. But its ok, he was such a trooper. We had uncle Pete there to instruct us and basically do all the hard work, so a BIG thanks to him!! Here are a few pics of us laying tile and the finished product.

Ty cutting the nasty linoleum before we started tearing it out. Holy crap, this was the HARDEST part, it took HOURS to get the old floor out.

This is the MESS we had to live with all weekend. It was so annoying!!

Good ol' Peter. What a champ! It was his fall break and he spent it with us instead of his family :(

Grouting. This is almost the finished project. I just realized this is the picture that had the closest final result

Lets see... What happened after that. Well I will just start with this past weekend. Ty has had like 3 or 4 midterms this past weekend so sadly, he was studying and I was trying hard to let him study. I just want to hang out all the time, he is just so fun so its lame when he has to study a lot. Anyway so I think Friday night, he studied and I dont even know what I did. Saturday we had a busy day. We slept in til 8 and made breakfast (which was pretty nasty). Then we met Nickie, Jordan and the kids at Brick Oven. It was Zach's birthday so he invited us to come along. Then after we ate we went to the one and only Chuckie Cheese!!! I had never been there before and let me tell you... I had dreamed of this moment as a child and I FINALLY checked it off my list. For the fact that I hate video games, nasty dirty places where parents let there children run wild and sneeze and cough all over everything; I was pleasantly suprised. It wasn't as ghetto as I imagined. We won a few tickets for the kids and played a few games and had a fun time.

My cute sister and niece Lauren. Lauren ate the most out of all of us i think. What a cutie!!
Ty, Parker, Jordan chowing down on lunch
The Birthday boy at awesome Chuckie Cheese. He had so much fun! It was so funny to watch them playing around like this was the best thing since mac and cheese.
Where a kid can be a kid... that includes grown-ups too i guess!

That night Ty and I went to our wards Halloween Party. Once again, pleasantly suprised. It wasnt advertised a lot at church so we thought no one would show up. But there were TONS of people and good food and awesome costumes. Ty and I threw something together really quick; he was a fighter pilot (his go-to costume for the past 7 years) and I wore a poodle skirt and a scarf. It was pretty fun. Sunday was a big day for me, well during church anyway. It was our anual Primary Program, where every child dreads and every parent proud. Well since the day i was called as Primary Pres I was nervous for this moment. We only have a nursery and a few sunbeams so I knew the kids would really be a part of the program like a regular family ward is. Us as a presidency spoke and we had the children sing I am a Child of God with their parents and another musical number from two ladies from the ward. It actually turned out really well and we didn't run out of time and all the parents and children came up to sing and it all just turned out really great!! I love the Primary. I am so glad I have this calling!!


Death Week

Hey all!! So I know, its been awhile. If you knew what I have been through this past week, you would understand. Basically, I have been on my death bed. By the end of the week I had no shame or dignity left of me by the remedies my loving husbands family, as well as my own, had me do. All I can say is, my husband loves me. I dont think anyone else (besides someone who was being paid lots of money) would do the things he had to do to help me (I will just leave it at that). It took a few days to regain my strength and appetite but I am back to health!!!! Its been a stressfull week for Ty too. He had his first Stats exam and school work that had to be done as well as take care of me. But luckily the week is over and a new one to begin.
This weekend we went to Ty's house in Logan for the BYU/Utah State game and conference. We are glad the game is over (things were starting to get REALLY ugly with the fans) and BYU wasn't playing as well as we wanted or expected in the last quarter of the game. For this I MUST say; People who are sports fans, enjoy the game, cheer for your team, but why stoop to the LOW level of picking fights with the opposing teams fans and swear and say obscene and rediculous things (that make you look like a complete idiot) to the players and opposing fans just because they happen to like the other team. Its takes the fun out, and again, you look like a complete idiot jerk. I was less than impressed with some BYU and USU fans to say the least. I better stop before I get carried away.
This week I will try to update our blog again and try to make it a habit. Maybe I will get Ty to write again (he is a better writer than me).


Well my internet friends, here I sit on the verge on a major life break through. I have offically joined the cool kids blog by writing my first blog entry of my life. I feel like I'm finally catching up to this whole internet blogging thing since it became popular while I was on my mission. Anyway enough of the back story now its time to talk about our super exciting lives....Yea with school starting up and Jody working full time there hasn't been much time for as many fun things as this summer but its all good! Perhaps the funniest thing that happend to us last week was last Friday. So my wife loves me for some strange reason and she agreed to come with to see the new Indiana Jones movie again. I have this weird habit of liking to see movies mulitple times in theatres. So we get to the dollar theatre by Shopko here in Provo and its surprising full. The only place to sit is between these four and kind of large and stinky side guys. The movie starts and I can tell Jody is uncomfortable. Being the amazing husband that I am I asked her what was wrong but I will admit I was paying more attention to the movie than to the things giong on around us. She has her hands over her nose and she looks like she is about to loose her lunch. She said," Can't you smell that!?!" and i was like what? Then the A/C kicked on and I was privileged to smell a combination of popcorn, BO, fart, and who knows what else! Pretty much one of the nastiest things I have ever smelled! It was too much and sadly I had to leave Indy for his quest for the crystal and escort my wife out of the theatre before she started getting really sick. So I guess what we can learn from this is showering should be everyone's friend and farting in public is kind of nasty. So that was our exciting event for the week, not exactly earth shattering but funny!
Another random thing that happend was on Sunday while we were at church which is at 8:30 in the morning and I'm pleased to report that the gospel is still true even that early in the morning! So we don't the normal opening, song, prayer annoucnements and we get to the Sacrament song which for some reason in our ward no one ever knows. Why do people feel the need to sing songs that no one knows! I'm not even kidding there was no one singing for most of the song! Anyway the Sacrament song ends and all of a sudden the Stake President who was there on some Stake Business gets up and tells everyone that there isn't anybread so he procedded to give us a brief history of the art of administering the SAcrament since 1830, riviting stuff! In all of my 23 years I've never been to church were someone forgot the bread, how crazy is that! Luckily the person with the bread arrived and all was well in Zion! Well thats about all I can think to write!


Ok so I am thinking our blog is pretty dern boring because I never tell you what Ty and I do all the time. Also because I dont have any cool photos on here. First off, where to start by telling you all about our awesome VERY quick summer. Second, I have NO clue how to add photo's on my blog. PLEASE HELP!!! I spend all day everyday on a computer for my job, have taken countless graphic design classes, countless computer classes as it is, and I cant figure out my own blog! I know, it sounds ridiculous. Pretty typical though.

Ok so first off about our summer... Ty and I have been slowly updating and re-doing our cute little condo. First was the paint job. We painted one wall in our kitchen green, one wall in our living room purple (I know, sounds crazy), our bedroom yellow, and our office blue. I figured, we are young, spry, and "super cool" so we should do something fun and crazy. And that we did. Once i figure out how to post pics, I will show you JUST how fun it is. Next we are going to rip up the disgusting linoleum floor in our bathrooms and kitchen and add tile. Then relplace the countertops, and nasty sink. It will be a long process, but a stinkin awesome one. Plus we are still working on the decor of house. Lets face it, its expensive, and lets face it again, I am a horrible chooser because I am picky and a perfectionist. Lucky Ty!!

What else... I think I mentioned how we haven't had one weekend home in August. Our last trip to end the summer with a bang we went to Jackson Hole. Ty's family has a house up there and LAbor Day weekend was his imidiate families turn to take it. Being my first Jackson Hole experience I was pleasantly surprised. Friday night we went downtown to an ACTUAL shoot out they have. Like a for real, old school cowboy shoot out from the 1800's. It was awesome. Then we walked around cute downtown and went into all the shops. All we bought was a christmas ornament :( But then we went to the cutest play. It was Cat Balou and it was SO funny. It was in this TINY quaint theater where there were like 15 rows to seat people. It was great, they had incredible voices, it was funny, and very entertaining. Saturday we played a nice friendly, competive game of mini golf with Ty's family and we are pleased to announce that Ty took first place and I took second (by ONE lousy point) out of his whole family. We raced down the alpine slide and went to a cute Mexican restaurant (of which i cant remember the name), and played Nerts (or Pounce as they call it) all night long. Sunday we went to the visting members ward for church, which was pretty packed and took a long Sunday nap. That night after dinner we went on a mountain safari looking for wild animals trip. We saw a few HUGE moose, a bunch of elk, and to top it all off A BEAR!!! It was in a tree about 30 or 40 yards away. (Once again, I will post pictures, when i figure it out). It was awesome. I think Ty's family thought I was a loon for my, lets put it, rather excited reaction. For those of you who really know me, can probably picture the seen I caused now. Anywho, the trip was a success and a great way to end the summer. As for now I think this blog is getting REALLY long, so i will spare you more details for now, and will catch up on next week posting entitled "The incredibly awesome lives of Ty and Jody". Until then TTFN and have a good one!


I am a HORRIBLE blogger

So Ty and I have had a BUSY month of August. So I have been horrible at keeping our blog up to date. We have gone to my home in Ephraim to help paint my parents living rooms to Jackson Hole, WY; to Logan, Ut; to Park City!!! We finally get a weekend at home this week though, finally! I am still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out, so adding pictures, music, and fun stuff like that is currently on its way with JodyandTyler.blogspot.com version 10.0. So until then, i will continue to stock all of your profiles until i figure this stuff out!


We are now part of the cool club!!

So I guess we finally made it. We are now officially real life bloggers!!! Everyone has been telling us we need to make one and what can i say, I buckled under pressure and set it up while Ty was at work.