Happy Halloween!!!

So I think I mentioned that I was in a cake decorating class. This was my final project! Im not going to lie, I was kind of impressed with how it turned out!!
Here are my little lambies. Arent they the cutest!!! Dad was a good sport.
One of our favorite parts of the costume is her little tail that wags when she runs. Its SO FUNNY!!!
This is grandmas costume that she bought and we just HAD to borrow it. This is the funniest little costume ever! She also took home first place cutest costume at our ward party!

And here is me, Little Bo Peep with my baby sheep
My sheepies again frolicking in the pasture grass


Odds and happy endings

Lately I find myself at odds with Lucy. The last 2 weeks for some reason we have just been butting heads. This same thing also happened like 2 months ago. I dont know if it is her or me but someone has some serious SASS that needs to be dealt with! Everything is "NOOOOO!" or a fit or some kind of meltdown. Maybe its because she is almost 2 or maybe its because she is teething. Or maybe it really is me and Im just in a bad mood! I dont know. But I tell you what, kids certainly have a way with turning things in its opposite pretty quickly.

Let me give you a little back story. We try to be strict with Lucy a little and we do put her in time out and we do repremand her for doing naughty things. Dont get me wrong, we play with her and laugh and let her get away with plently. I always try to keep the motto of "Say yes to children as often as you can".  So before you all call child protective services on us, just keep that in mind. BUT... I digress. When she does get punished or repremanded she will likely throw a little fit and then quickly be ok and things are great and she for the most part wont do the thing anymore that got her in trouble to begin with, and life goes on. She doesnt really cry and doesnt get really sad or or her feelings hurt. Like I said, maybe a little tantrum on the way to timeout for a few seconds and then she is fine. Back to my story...

Today she has just been into everything and tearing things apart and getting into things she KNOWS she isnt supposed to. Lets not even get started with dinner, (or her eating habits that stress me to know end) and throwing food all over and dragging things here and there... the list goes on. Well just before we put her down for the night we were trying to get her to fold her arms for prayer time and all of a sudden WHAP, she smacks Ty in the face... Immediately we tell her no and that we do not hit and that it hurt daddy and Ty very firmly tells her "NO Lucy!" She fell absolutely silent and stared at Ty for a second and then nestles into his chest. I Look at her and notice her little lip start to stick out as she lets out a little tiny whimper and her eyes start to fill up with tears. She didnt ever actually break down and cry but she just had that look where her heart has just been shattered and she is fighting back the tears. We have NEVER seen her react this way before. Ty and I looked and each other and our hearts were broken... We both started to tear up because of her little emotions and it was the saddest little thing! I still get a little choked up when I think about her little lip stick out and quiver like it did. And during our prayer she gave daddy a little kiss and nestled back into his chest.

And this my friends is the reason I have a child. And will continue to have more for that matter. Because no matter how hard it is to raise them, there is always a tender moment like this that makes me realized just how blessed I truly am. I have never in my life felt the type of love that feel for Lucy. Every night before we go to bed we will go in her room to check on her and we just stare at her adorable little face and stroke her hair and chubby cheeks and just marvel at how precious she is and how happy we are. Often times a tear or two will leak out and every hard day or moment we have just disappears.


Alrighty... Gosh It seems I never post these days. I guess I just feel like there is nothing new to share. Everything is fine and dandy, same ol' same ol'. Well I guess there is something new. I started a cake decorating class!!! Its so fun and I have learned a lot. I really want to start doing cakes, so if you know anyone... I still need to take the nest two class, so by December I should be a pro!!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking family pictures of some of our best friends! It was so much fun. We love the Trythalls!!! Here are a few pics that I promised to post for them.

We also saw this little guy slithering along. I bet if Blake hadnt have spotted it, we TOTALLY would have stepped on it!!! CREEPY!!! Also we really think it is a real life baby rattle snake!!!