What a week part 2

Wow, again, like we said before, WHAT A WEEK!!!! Last Wed our little Luc finally came home!!!! Holy cow were we excited! But what a rude awakening we had into parenthood! Every little noise she made i woke up to make sure she was ok, and boy is our little munchkin a chatterbox!! We surely didnt get any sleep that night out of worry/feedings/diaper changes. All I can say is it is a good thing we had a few days to "sorta" catch up because we are EXHAUSTED, and I am basically recovered. I cant imagine what it would be like taking her home in normal circumstances like usual parents do and still have to recover. I feel bad that I only get basically one thing done on my to-do list a day, I honestly didnt realize that I would be this busy with a newborn cause she just sleeps all day. I still dont get it. Besides making bottles, feeding, changing diapers, and squeezing in a cat nap I am not sure what else I do, but my day is over by the time I get all of this done. I just dont get it!

We went to the Dr today and Lucy is progressing fabulously. I was kind of worried because at the hospital the nurses and Dr's talked about "failure to thrive" and that is when a baby goes home they dont grow and dont do very well, hence, "failure to thrive". But she has gained 7 oz in 5 days and is a respectable 6 lbs!! I was pleasantly suprised. And supposedly she is 20 inches long, which i CANNOT believe since she was only born 17 inches. There is no way she can grow 3 inches in 2 1/2 weeks, right? This wednesday I am thinking I may tackle the chore of taking her pics. I may post some, if, and I mean IF one actually turns out. I am nervous.

Anyway, in other news. My family had the unfortunate event of losing yet another of member of our family. My nephew Wesley passed away last Tuesday. What a crazy day. Wesley and I are only one year apart and for the greater part of our childhood we spent them terrorizing my neighborhood. He was basically a brother rather than a nephew, so hearing the news had a great impact on me. But as that day/week went on I felt very comforted. I am very grateful that I have my beliefs and testimony of Christ, because I truly believe that is why I became so calm about the ordeal. In fact, its more than that, its more than truly believing. There arent words to explain, but the fact that I had my baby in the hospital and the many stresses incorporated in that, and the fact that I was/am still recovering from the hardest moment of my life and my hormones and emotions were RAGING really says how blessed I was that I didnt completely fall apart. Wow, how incredibly blessed am I. Once again, there are no words to explain. The funeral was Sat. I hate funerals. Especially non LDS funerals. But this one wasn't that bad, meaning it wasn't as doom and gloom as they usually are. I like the fact that I know I will be with my family and friends in the next life, and it makes me sad to know that people think that this is the end. I think that is the hardest part of funerals. But everything turned out ok, and I think Wesley would have been pleased.

But to end on a happy note. Lucy is SUPER cute and my husband is SUPER handsome. Its to bad we aren't filthy rich so that we wouldnt have to work and go to school and we could just be together all day everyday and maybe tour the world. Oh if only...