A little G-town stock

Last week my sister called me to do a somewhat impromptu photo shoot of all her family (the in-laws, not our family) So of course I said YES. So we loaded the Mazda once again for a road trip of a lifetime. Ok it wasnt THAT exciting, but we always love going to G-town to spend some quality time with the Stewarts. Here are a few shots that I took of the cute family...

The Stewart Grand kids

The WHOLE gang
My Bro-in-law and his sibs

My cute sis and hubby

The Belnap Family
And my cute niece and her cousin Cadence

It was a ton of fun! Even though I got 20 blasted mosquito bites on my legs! Anyone know anyone who is a pro photographer and a pro Gimp user who wants to make an amateur gal such as myself like unto themselves? Im DYING to get some great tips and tricks of the trade. Anyway ta-ta, fair-the-well, see ya, peace out, adios, chaio, bye bye, so long, ect. ect.



This past weekend we went with the Trythalls to Jackson WY and Yellowstone. It was a BLAST and a half. We loved every minute. Ty and I went up thursday afternoon and nikki and blake didnt end up coming til friday morning. I love Jackson, its such a cute little place that has a lot of rustic charm, not to mention its right smack dab in the middle of a mountain so you get lots of wild animals roaming around. I have so many pictures and videos to share, so please, bare with me...

First we saw these guys. Yes they are miniscule, my lame lens wasn't working right. You can only see one but there are two HUGE moose ,and this one had big antlers

Then we saw a ba-jillion buffalo about 50 yrds
You away from the road

Then there was this lonely fella just hanging out by itself in the field.
I was super excited because I have never seen a Pronghorn deer before.

But then when we were coming back from our safari these buffalo were right on the side of the road, we were about 20 yrds from them, then they eventually crossed the road, coming right at us and we got scared and drove off quickly!

That was only the first day with Ty and I out on the safari. The next day we only saw these with the Trythalls. We, well I, saw as small moose but we were too fast on the busy highway to stop and turn around to get a picture. The bottom picture we were literally 10 yards away from that HUGE thing. We were probably WAY too close, and that was dumb on our part, but I figured we were in our car and it was ok...

Then the next day was YELLOWSTONE DAY!!!! I was more than excited to go because I have never been and I had heard, from a VERY close source that its the Disneyland version of national parks. I was expecting a few bears, tons of huge elk, a few moose, and maybe, just maybe a real life wolf!!! Can I just say OVERRATED!!!! I was HUGELY disappointed in Yellowstone. There is no doubt that there are millions of animals there, but the forest is SUPER dense that you can only see in like maybe 20 yards at best from the main roads. And its not like you can just go on some unpaved roads off in to no-mans land either, you have to stay on the main road. The only way you would see lots is if you were to go back country hiking or maybe go to the west part which i hear is less dense and more open. Or if you were lucky and an animal just HAPPEN to be ON the road where you are, even off to the side is questionable. But I do have to say that Yellowstone lake and Old Faithful was pretty awesome. But all in all lame-o!!! But on our way, while we were still in Teton park we just happen to catch these...

A momma grizzly and her two cubs!!!! We have also never seen a grizzly either. This was by far the highlight!!!

Ok and last but not least a few more fun shots that I had fun taking.


Season of Summer!!!

Gosh this summer has been so busy for us so far, and its just the tip of the iceberg to boot! Well July is pretty tame we only have a couple of things going on but August, holy smokes we have something going on EVERY weekend and even in the mid-weeks too. Sheesh! We are excited though. Some fun things are Bear Lake, Sanpete (multiple times), Logan (multiple times), St. George (you guessed it, multiple times), Jackson/Yellowstone and just good ol' P-town, aka Provo. Ok that one doesn't count cause we live here BUT you get the point.

So the other week we went to our good friends, some of our most favorite people, the Barton's to have a farewell BBQ because they sniff sniff, are sniff sniff, moving sniff, to Denver wwwaaaaaaaa!!! We are super sad they are leaving, but super excited because they have a rockin job opportunity and of course that means we have a reason to go to Denver now!!! It was a blast and they asked me to take a few family pics of them to commemorate their last few weeks in Utah. Of course I was honored and agreed. Here are a few:

Adorable family

Like Mommy like baby!
Get a load of these CHEEKS!!! I cant. handle. them!!

Little Buddies. Except we missed Deja and Tay in there, BOO
Also the other week Lucy had the hardest day. First I was getting ready for church and she was just messing around as usual. I left for two seconds and came back just as she pulled down my flat iron and grabbed the plates!!! It was SO sad, and i felt like a horrible mother. Her little baby fingers instantly blistered really bad and she was so sad. I hurried to the store to grab some burn jell stuff and gauze to wrap her fingers in but she wouldn't keep it on. So we resorted to taping a mitten on her hand, she thought that was pretty cool. Not to mention she totally fell down the stairs at the Nixons house, and didnt get a nap. Poor BABY!!!

And here is a spaghetti shot for good measure
Oh ya I guess the biggest news as of yet is that Ty got a JOB!!!! Hooray!!!! I am so proud of him. Its the perfect job for him and for what he wants to do in the future. He is working with the Alumni department for the Family Home and Social Sciences school at BYU and he is the man in charge of this new program to reach out to Alum and current students and meld them together. We are SUPER excited!!!