Lucy 1 year Pics

So here are Lucy's 1 year pictures that I took. I cant wait til it gets warm so I can go outside to take her pics. Indoors are so hard for me!!! I didnt get as many as I hoped but here are a few of my baby girl.
Also today is the day Tyler officially applied to BYU grad school. We are SSOOO nervous!!!


Birthday Girl

I cant believe my beautiful baby girl is 1year old! Man oh man the time has flown!! Friday was her official birthday and we were super lame and didnt do anything. Both Ty and I had to work so we just celebrated Saturday and it was a lot of fun! We had so many people over in our little appt for a party. We were a little squished but it was fun to celebrate with so many people who love Lucy. Here are a few pictures to commemorate.

I know my cake frosting skills rock

Opening an awesome gift from the Stewarts

Our girl is spoiled already!

Once again on the cake decorating

Its funny to see just how big her cupcake is compared to her
Mmmm YUMMY!!!



So a couple of months ago I tried putting our video camera's SD card in our laptop to post a video. Low and behold it got stuck inside our computer. Like REALLY stuck, eventually ending up inside by and inch or so. I found out yesterday my hand-man husband got it out somehow and so I wanted to find it to get all the stuff that was on it. This was SO precious to me as it had everything on it from Lucy's first hours/days born and her first pictures, everything. We couldnt find it!!! It was no where to be found. I almost had a serious panick attack. We put our current SD card in and it just had stuff from the summer-current and nothing from when she was born. I was searching frantically to find the other SD card that got stuck and then unstuck. Then suddenly Ty put the current card in the computer AGAIN just to see if we over looked what was on it and all of a sudden they all popped up!!! MIRACLE!!! Here is just a little video for your enjoyment, I cant believe how little she was!


So here i sit awaiting my wonderful husbands return from work so that I myself can go. And how I wish so badly that I didnt have to go. I actually want to clean my house, like really CLEAN it, and look for a new vacuum, take Lucy's 1-year pictures and just hang out with my buddies. I also wish that I can work from home. Not doing what I do now of course, but doing what I love!! Like going to D.I and buying something ugly and turning it into something cool (pictures to come) or make greeting cards, or go out and take pictures, and the best part, doing it on my own time and in my own way! I dream of that day quite often. But I am so grateful for the job that i have and that I DO have a job when so many people dont. I am so grateful for my boss and my coworkers too.

So I am going to attempt to take Lucy's one year old pictures in the next couple of days and I a little hesitant. The last time I tried taking her pics she was about 1 month old flailing and screaming and peeing all over the place and I wanted to pull my hair out. Thats when I hired a professional. But I am hopeful that I can do these myself and not have to spend oodles of dollars to get the look and feel that I want. Lets face it, I am a picky picky picture person, I cant just go to JcPenney or target and have someone take yucky, stuffy, forced, no-fun, ugly pictures! Yep I said it, and Im not taking it back! So hopefully in the next couple of days I can get some pictures up that are public-worthy.

On that note, my lovey is back and now I have to go. Ta-ta!