Sunny San Jorge and the stomach flu

Gosh I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do! Sheesh its basically Christmas and I havent even written about Thanksgiving yet! Well I will start there...

For Thanksgiving we had the pleasure of journeying southward to sunny San Jorge (st. george in King language). It was fun and we had lots of fun hanging out and relaxing (sorta) and just vacationing. Lucy got sick Wed night and threw up everywhere in her crib in the middle of the night. Poor thing. We didnt notice until we went to get her in the morning. So she had the stomach flu for a few days and gave it to a few people (not me, WHEW) but she was surprisingly really happy and playful the whole time. You never would have known she was sick. We took a few family pics in the beautiful red rock too.

                                                  Lucy was THRILLED in this one. Nice...

Now we are here just preparing and bracing ourselves for the next holiday speedily approaching. Ty is FINALLY done with finals and made it through his first semester as a grad student!!! HOORAY!! We are proud of you daddy!!! Im not going to lie I have gotten a lot done for this Christmas season, but I still feel like I have SO much more to do and only like 11 days to do it!!! Also I am making my first cake that someone asked me to do!!! I am SUPER excited (and kinda nervous) to do little Deja Butterfields birthday cake. Per her request, I shall do a Minnie Mouse cake with polka dots and ribbon to adorn. Photos will shortly arrive on this here blog, so hopefully it wont turn in to a disaster. Lets keep our fingers crossed...


Chalk one up on the Lucy board

Oh my little child. My little, little, naughty, gross, beautiful girl. You sure have done it this time! Wow. Just wow. I am speechless actually.

Ok here is the story. Tyler and I were watching a movie tonight and our little, dear, sweet child was all up in our grill. We descided "hey, we NEVER get to spend time together, just us, so lets put her in our room and turn on a movie". I know, we are great parents. So there she goes, in to watch her favorite show as of late, Beauty and the Beast. We saunter on back every so often to check up on her and see if she needs anything or what not. So our movie ends and I go back to check on her and as soon as I walked into the room I noticed she had something in her fingers. Something small, round, and... brown. I also noticed her hand was coming from her diaper... I ran over to her, praying that the obvious was just a vicious trick played on my mind, but no, nope, no tricks here in the King home, no tricks, just a bunch of little turd-letts scattered strategically across our beautiful, freshly clean bed.  I dont remember the words or the decibel level that came out of my mouth, but Ty came running. I just remember the words "GROSS", "Lucy, dont ever do that again!" and "GROSS" and "Lucy that is cah-cah (yes i use baby words, sue me)" and "GROSS". Did i mention how gross? Thank HEAVEN that it was in little pebbles and not schmere stuff. THANK HEAVENS!!! I can tell you one thing. And please fast forward if you are sensitive, but I know my child, and if there is one thing I know, Lucy STILL puts things in her mouth... EWE, gross, EEEEWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE, ewe, ewe, gross, BLAH, I CANT GET THAT IMAGE OUT OF MY BRAIN!!! And now neither can you. Sorry. But I DID warn you. To say the least her hands were scrubbed and her teeth are more clean then they ever have been. Oh my dear child, my curious, curious child. Why do you hate us?!


Jealousy and Lloyd Christmas

Yesterday was a big day in the King home. We cut Lucy's hair for the FIRST time yesterday!! It was so exciting! She was bawling basically the whole time, mostly because it was her nap time and she was draped in weird black cloaks. But she did great! Before the hair cut she looked pretty much like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. Im not kidding, we would call her Lloyd all the time. We cut only about an inch off, just to even out her hair. Not much change at all, in fact you probably would never even notice the change. We took pics but they are on Ty's iPod and i dont want to download them right now.

Speaking of Ipod. How many techies out there are obsessed with iPods (of any variety), T.v.'s, the latest gaming system, pretty much anything that is new technology? Not you? Me either, not my cup of hot chocolate (although some of that does sound good right now). I dont reallly care much about it at all. My husband on the other hand is OBSESSED!!! In fact I dont think that is a strong enough word. We are talking about a guy who has gone through THREE iTouch's! Well today I have broken my husbands heart. Literally he hasnt been the same since we found out the news...

My phone is HORRID, i hate it in fact. I have had it for a little over a year now and it has been on the frits about a year. So today it totally bit the dust. We went to Verizon and low and behold it has wter damage? Weird, i have never set it or dropped it in any sort of liquid. Anyway, since i am up for an upgrade we have descided on me probably getting an iPhone. I was totally against it in the beginning. But I either get another crappy phone that will probably go out fast again, or I get some kind of a smartphone. But then again, is it a waste of my time spending $100 on a phone that I dont even care about. But then Ty convinced me that it really is the way to go because most all cell phone compainies are trying to phase out your plain jane phones to these "internet capable" cool phones. Whatev. Anyway now my husband is seriously distraught and depressed that I get an iPhone before him. He has wanted one since the word iPhone even existed and I could care less about one. Sorry hun!

In other news, I cant believe that in one week it is Thanksgiving!! WHAT?! Its basically Christmas, which means it is basically 2012, which means Lucy is 2 years old!!!  I cannot have a TWO year old people!!  We are taking off to sunny St Jorge (this is how we pronounce it in my house) for the turkey fest and we cant WAIT!

I swear there was something else I was going to blog about but I cant put my finger on it, literally, ok that was a bad pun, i dont even know if I get it! Also I just looked up Lloyd Christmas on google and I have been totally wrong, its Harry who we compare Lucy's hair too. Oops!


Happy Halloween!!!

So I think I mentioned that I was in a cake decorating class. This was my final project! Im not going to lie, I was kind of impressed with how it turned out!!
Here are my little lambies. Arent they the cutest!!! Dad was a good sport.
One of our favorite parts of the costume is her little tail that wags when she runs. Its SO FUNNY!!!
This is grandmas costume that she bought and we just HAD to borrow it. This is the funniest little costume ever! She also took home first place cutest costume at our ward party!

And here is me, Little Bo Peep with my baby sheep
My sheepies again frolicking in the pasture grass


Odds and happy endings

Lately I find myself at odds with Lucy. The last 2 weeks for some reason we have just been butting heads. This same thing also happened like 2 months ago. I dont know if it is her or me but someone has some serious SASS that needs to be dealt with! Everything is "NOOOOO!" or a fit or some kind of meltdown. Maybe its because she is almost 2 or maybe its because she is teething. Or maybe it really is me and Im just in a bad mood! I dont know. But I tell you what, kids certainly have a way with turning things in its opposite pretty quickly.

Let me give you a little back story. We try to be strict with Lucy a little and we do put her in time out and we do repremand her for doing naughty things. Dont get me wrong, we play with her and laugh and let her get away with plently. I always try to keep the motto of "Say yes to children as often as you can".  So before you all call child protective services on us, just keep that in mind. BUT... I digress. When she does get punished or repremanded she will likely throw a little fit and then quickly be ok and things are great and she for the most part wont do the thing anymore that got her in trouble to begin with, and life goes on. She doesnt really cry and doesnt get really sad or or her feelings hurt. Like I said, maybe a little tantrum on the way to timeout for a few seconds and then she is fine. Back to my story...

Today she has just been into everything and tearing things apart and getting into things she KNOWS she isnt supposed to. Lets not even get started with dinner, (or her eating habits that stress me to know end) and throwing food all over and dragging things here and there... the list goes on. Well just before we put her down for the night we were trying to get her to fold her arms for prayer time and all of a sudden WHAP, she smacks Ty in the face... Immediately we tell her no and that we do not hit and that it hurt daddy and Ty very firmly tells her "NO Lucy!" She fell absolutely silent and stared at Ty for a second and then nestles into his chest. I Look at her and notice her little lip start to stick out as she lets out a little tiny whimper and her eyes start to fill up with tears. She didnt ever actually break down and cry but she just had that look where her heart has just been shattered and she is fighting back the tears. We have NEVER seen her react this way before. Ty and I looked and each other and our hearts were broken... We both started to tear up because of her little emotions and it was the saddest little thing! I still get a little choked up when I think about her little lip stick out and quiver like it did. And during our prayer she gave daddy a little kiss and nestled back into his chest.

And this my friends is the reason I have a child. And will continue to have more for that matter. Because no matter how hard it is to raise them, there is always a tender moment like this that makes me realized just how blessed I truly am. I have never in my life felt the type of love that feel for Lucy. Every night before we go to bed we will go in her room to check on her and we just stare at her adorable little face and stroke her hair and chubby cheeks and just marvel at how precious she is and how happy we are. Often times a tear or two will leak out and every hard day or moment we have just disappears.


Alrighty... Gosh It seems I never post these days. I guess I just feel like there is nothing new to share. Everything is fine and dandy, same ol' same ol'. Well I guess there is something new. I started a cake decorating class!!! Its so fun and I have learned a lot. I really want to start doing cakes, so if you know anyone... I still need to take the nest two class, so by December I should be a pro!!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking family pictures of some of our best friends! It was so much fun. We love the Trythalls!!! Here are a few pics that I promised to post for them.

We also saw this little guy slithering along. I bet if Blake hadnt have spotted it, we TOTALLY would have stepped on it!!! CREEPY!!! Also we really think it is a real life baby rattle snake!!!


Long overdue

So I finally got the gumption to edit my sis-in-laws wedding pictures (dont worry, i wasnt her real photographer, so there was no rush). Her wedding was so cute, and it turned out fantastically (is that even a word?). Here is a little shout out to the latest a greatest newly-wed couple out there, The Bangerters!!!

This one makes me laugh because it looks like Catherine is totally picking a fight with Andrews mom, and Caits is like "hello people!!! This is my day!!!"

Also not much going on around here. Well actually Ty is back in school and is working two jobs!! Holy smokes huh! Well they are on campus and the rule is you cant work over 20-22 or so hours a week (both jobs together) so its not that bad. But speaking of work... I have a confession... I am having a REALLY hard time deciding something. In fact I have been losing sleep, lots of it, and stressing out about this decision. We think we are going to take the plunge and quit my job and stay at home with Lucy. It has been in the mix for a while now, I am just having a hard time actually doing it. Im scared. I have had a job since I was like 14, everyone in my family has had to have a full time job their whole lives, and I honestly I am scared of what people will think of me. I feel like people will think I am a huge slacker, or entitled, or not contributing to my family and making my husband do it all. I am having a REALLY really hard time with this. But other than that... not much is going on.

But if I do quit my job I am considering advertising more about photography and maybe trying to take more peoples pictures. Also I am starting to get into baking. I am starting up a cake decorating class next week and this is something I have always wanted to do. So maybe Ill make cakes for people! So if you guys need a cake (or pretty much anything bakery) or need some photos taken... Think of me!!!!

Lucy is getting so big, as usual. She is still a sassy pants full of energy little ball of fire and it is really funny!!! Seriously, we think she is trying to cast a spell on us! She points at us with such power and says (in a language we have yet to decode) BA-Uh-DUDDO!!!! Or something like that.  Its really funny, maybe a little creapy, but still funny. What a silly girl. We sure do love her!



Man oh man, where on EARTH has August gone?! We have been so busy with so many things it feels like I blinked and its over. We have had a wedding (with two receptions), St George, an impromptu drive to Gunnison, Lucy's 18 mo check up, family parties, friends moving, friend get togethers.... And the list goes on. Its been so much fun. I want to blog about it all, but that's the problem. I dont really want to. I have been dreading blogging because Im so far behind, and I dont want to take the time to upload pictures, blah blah blah. Plus there are other things that I want to blog about. There are just so many things!!!
First off, have to start with my baby-kins. Lucy that is. She is the big 1-8 months!! That means nursery!!!! It couldnt have come faster, i tell you what!! The first time, she just ran in there and didnt look back, like "see ya mom and dad, im outta here"!! But the last two times for some reason, she cries and hugs my legs and looks at me so sadly, like i am leaving her forever. I can just hear her say "dont you love me?" Its really sad, but i leave and she gets over it and is back to normal in no time. Other than that, she finally weighs a whopping 20.9 lbs now. Im proud. I thought she would never be over 20 lbs and look, she is basically 21!!! Everything is right on target. the Dr asked if she is saying at least 8 words, and well, she isnt. She is having trouble in the dept. They said if within a month, she still hasnt caught on, we have to call a specialist. Immediately I thought to myself. I am a horrible parent. how can i teach a person to live in this world and not even be able to teach her how to speak. I still feel bad. What did or didnt I do? Is it because i didnt nurse her very much? is it because she was early? is it because i didnt really take vitamins while pregnant? The funny thing is, is since the Dr said that, she is picking up words all the time. She now officially says momma and dadda, not just says them because thats the jibberish that happens to fall out of her mouth, but actually says them specifically for tyler and i. The other day she brought a book over to me and said "boo?" (as in book without the "k"). Its so funny she also started counting. she says "wah, two, hee" she is obsessed with that now. but lately its "wah, two, wah, two, wah, two" really fast. She is starting to do actions, like itsy bitsy spider and stuff. So im not so worried anymore, she is getting it.

In other news. Ty started back up at the ol BYU yesterday. I wanted to take a picture of him with his backpack on holding his lunch sack, but i forgot, you'll just have to picture it. But we are so excited and he is going to do great. We for sure have an internship at Dixie State next summer. We are SSSOOO excited about that. We love St George, and this is the exact direction Ty wants to go for a career, so we are so lucky and blessed with that.

Also this weekend we are doing the Man vs. Mud 5k in Logan. Are we ready, well the question is. am I ready? I havent ran in like a month. And let me tell you, im NOT one of those people who never run and then actually go running and whip out a 10-miler. Or like my bro-in-law Cam who is basically on the Wendy's diet (except super slim of course) and never goes running, yet seems to smash everyone else in a race. I dont get it. I am not one of those people. Ty seems to think this is going to be really hard. He runs like 4 days a week... Oh boy...

Sorry no pics this time. Im just to lazy. Mostly because i havent edited any, and it takes forever to upload... BUT tune in next time to read about Ty and I's latest fav's and craves. I love to blog about new things we have tried that are a huge hit. You'll get that in my next post. I know, your just exploding with anticipation


A little G-town stock

Last week my sister called me to do a somewhat impromptu photo shoot of all her family (the in-laws, not our family) So of course I said YES. So we loaded the Mazda once again for a road trip of a lifetime. Ok it wasnt THAT exciting, but we always love going to G-town to spend some quality time with the Stewarts. Here are a few shots that I took of the cute family...

The Stewart Grand kids

The WHOLE gang
My Bro-in-law and his sibs

My cute sis and hubby

The Belnap Family
And my cute niece and her cousin Cadence

It was a ton of fun! Even though I got 20 blasted mosquito bites on my legs! Anyone know anyone who is a pro photographer and a pro Gimp user who wants to make an amateur gal such as myself like unto themselves? Im DYING to get some great tips and tricks of the trade. Anyway ta-ta, fair-the-well, see ya, peace out, adios, chaio, bye bye, so long, ect. ect.



This past weekend we went with the Trythalls to Jackson WY and Yellowstone. It was a BLAST and a half. We loved every minute. Ty and I went up thursday afternoon and nikki and blake didnt end up coming til friday morning. I love Jackson, its such a cute little place that has a lot of rustic charm, not to mention its right smack dab in the middle of a mountain so you get lots of wild animals roaming around. I have so many pictures and videos to share, so please, bare with me...

First we saw these guys. Yes they are miniscule, my lame lens wasn't working right. You can only see one but there are two HUGE moose ,and this one had big antlers

Then we saw a ba-jillion buffalo about 50 yrds
You away from the road

Then there was this lonely fella just hanging out by itself in the field.
I was super excited because I have never seen a Pronghorn deer before.

But then when we were coming back from our safari these buffalo were right on the side of the road, we were about 20 yrds from them, then they eventually crossed the road, coming right at us and we got scared and drove off quickly!

That was only the first day with Ty and I out on the safari. The next day we only saw these with the Trythalls. We, well I, saw as small moose but we were too fast on the busy highway to stop and turn around to get a picture. The bottom picture we were literally 10 yards away from that HUGE thing. We were probably WAY too close, and that was dumb on our part, but I figured we were in our car and it was ok...

Then the next day was YELLOWSTONE DAY!!!! I was more than excited to go because I have never been and I had heard, from a VERY close source that its the Disneyland version of national parks. I was expecting a few bears, tons of huge elk, a few moose, and maybe, just maybe a real life wolf!!! Can I just say OVERRATED!!!! I was HUGELY disappointed in Yellowstone. There is no doubt that there are millions of animals there, but the forest is SUPER dense that you can only see in like maybe 20 yards at best from the main roads. And its not like you can just go on some unpaved roads off in to no-mans land either, you have to stay on the main road. The only way you would see lots is if you were to go back country hiking or maybe go to the west part which i hear is less dense and more open. Or if you were lucky and an animal just HAPPEN to be ON the road where you are, even off to the side is questionable. But I do have to say that Yellowstone lake and Old Faithful was pretty awesome. But all in all lame-o!!! But on our way, while we were still in Teton park we just happen to catch these...

A momma grizzly and her two cubs!!!! We have also never seen a grizzly either. This was by far the highlight!!!

Ok and last but not least a few more fun shots that I had fun taking.