So the other day Lucy had her 6 month check up. YIKES i cannot believe that she is already six months, soon she will be walking, and then she will be leaving me for kindergarten! But the Dr said she is doing great and right on track. AND her body is catching up to her head! All around she is in the 50%, so thats great! Here's the stats
Length: 25.5 inches
Weight: 13.13
Head Circ: 42.5
So she is getting big! Also they gave us a Rx for her eczema, so we are glad for that, as she gets really bad flare-ups. We are practicing sitting-up, rolling over and laughing. She is so funny, I cant get enough, i just want to gobble her up!!

In other news. We went to SLC the other day, the day with the GIGANTIC rainstorm. We had to get Ty's sales license. For lunch we had to stop at this little dive of a restaraunt. Let me back up a little... So Ty and I are crazy about the Food Network Channel and we especially love the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and there have been a few places in Salt Lake featured on there. We have made it a goal to go to each of these places and check them out.
Its called Pat's Barbecue, and this is what it looks like on the outside:

It really is a dive! You roll up to it and its down this little random side street, and it looks like a place you would be a little nervous to go in to, but let me tell you, AWESOME!!! We LOVED it. LOVED loved it!!! You walk in and it has this awesome bluesy rocker vibe and its super colorful and chill. Then you walk in, grab a menu and sit where ever on a picnic table and did I mentionthere is a little stage with live music! All of this awesomeness and we havent even eaten yet! Then we order and get our food in less than 5 minutes. And the food... oh the food. SO GOOD!! Ty was even so bold as to say, that it was the best barbecue he has ever had, and thats big for Ty to say! So next time you go to salt lake you HAVE to stop in and partake of the awesome wonder that is Pat's Barbecue.



So i have been meaning to post for the last couple of days but I have just now finally got around to it. Last week Tyler officially graduated from BYU on friday. Also that night we had a surprise party for him (even though he kinda new what was going on). Sunday was his birthday AND he starts his new job TOMORROW!!!! Wow, all i can say is the last 6 months have been insane, and now, everything is coming together. It was so nice to celebrate my wonderful husband. Also I have just figured out that my eyes are not as sharp as they used to be, ALL my pics that I have taken with my Nikon D40 are OUT OF FOCUS!!!! BOO
This one is Lucy in her new high chair I just put together. Also she doesnt like solid food. She hates rice cereal and she doesnt like any of the few flavors of baby food that we have tried either. Is this normal? Oh well, she also doesnt laugh either. She will squeal but thats about it. It makes me sad because I cant WAIT for that adorable belly laugh and she just wont do it. Her next check up is thursday, so I am excited to see her stats and make sure she is growing, and also hopefully get a cure for her eczema.

So I mentioned that Ty is starting a new job tomorrow. Here is where he is working:
(well this says Sandy, but he is in Provo)
Yes, he is selling cars! SSOOO if you happen to know anyone or you yourself could use a new or used Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury. Go on over and see Ty, he will hook you up with something sweet! And the best part, he wont push you around OR wheel and deal you. Well I must go, the chubs is getting hungry and its her bed time. Adios!