Long overdue

So I finally got the gumption to edit my sis-in-laws wedding pictures (dont worry, i wasnt her real photographer, so there was no rush). Her wedding was so cute, and it turned out fantastically (is that even a word?). Here is a little shout out to the latest a greatest newly-wed couple out there, The Bangerters!!!

This one makes me laugh because it looks like Catherine is totally picking a fight with Andrews mom, and Caits is like "hello people!!! This is my day!!!"

Also not much going on around here. Well actually Ty is back in school and is working two jobs!! Holy smokes huh! Well they are on campus and the rule is you cant work over 20-22 or so hours a week (both jobs together) so its not that bad. But speaking of work... I have a confession... I am having a REALLY hard time deciding something. In fact I have been losing sleep, lots of it, and stressing out about this decision. We think we are going to take the plunge and quit my job and stay at home with Lucy. It has been in the mix for a while now, I am just having a hard time actually doing it. Im scared. I have had a job since I was like 14, everyone in my family has had to have a full time job their whole lives, and I honestly I am scared of what people will think of me. I feel like people will think I am a huge slacker, or entitled, or not contributing to my family and making my husband do it all. I am having a REALLY really hard time with this. But other than that... not much is going on.

But if I do quit my job I am considering advertising more about photography and maybe trying to take more peoples pictures. Also I am starting to get into baking. I am starting up a cake decorating class next week and this is something I have always wanted to do. So maybe Ill make cakes for people! So if you guys need a cake (or pretty much anything bakery) or need some photos taken... Think of me!!!!

Lucy is getting so big, as usual. She is still a sassy pants full of energy little ball of fire and it is really funny!!! Seriously, we think she is trying to cast a spell on us! She points at us with such power and says (in a language we have yet to decode) BA-Uh-DUDDO!!!! Or something like that.  Its really funny, maybe a little creapy, but still funny. What a silly girl. We sure do love her!