Whirl wind adventures

So i know, it has been a while and we have a TON to update about. So i will shortly get you all up to speed on our lives.
I turned the big 2-4 on April 10! Man I havent really ever thought about being 24 before, but here i am, livin' the dream. Ty was so cute. He fooled me in to thinking he wasnt going to do anything special for me and he ran off to work before i even woke up :( But then I walked into the bathroom and he wrote me a cute message on our huge mirror saying how much he loves me. Then I go into the kitchen and on the counter was a bouquet of tulips (my fav) and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal (also one of my favs) and a Martha Stewart magazine. SO CUTE!!. Then I suprised him and came home early and found him baking me my favorite cake (german chocolate). And for Ty to be cooking... Lets just say, thats a BIG deal. It tasted wonderful. He also got me a new pair of jeans, a shirt and a wallet. It was a great birthday!!

Ty had finals finally!!! He did GREAT in his classes, i am so proud of him! Now he is working full time until the fall when he goes back to school.

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary on May 2. How grateful I am to be married to my best friend. I feel so happy to know that our relationship and our love for each other grows everyday. I could never imagine before I met Ty that I would ever feel this way. Words cant explain how much I love him!!

The same day we had our anniversary we took a road trip to Cali. Interesting things that took place on our trip:
  • We had to replace ALL 4 tires and alignment the day before costing us almost $600.00
  • On our drive down in the middle of NO WHERE we saw a random couple riding a dirt bike 100% BUCK NAKED!!!! (can you just imagine if they wrecked, OUCH!)
  • Our hotel was a smoking room, the AC didnt really work, there was a spider and a spider webs in our bathroom, the bedside lamps didnt work, if you touched the carpet with your bare skin, im pretty sure your skin would dissinegrate (however you spell that) and oh ya, did i mention we had two seperate beds?!!! What a romantic get-away huh
  • We went to tide pools at laguna beach. AWESOME!!!
  • We saw a heard (a pack, school, bunch, i.e.) of dolphins really close to the shore and a few times they actually JUMPED out of the water. WAY AWESOME!!!
  • Disneyland/Cali Adventure for 2 days
  • We left like 10 shirts at the scary hotel :( Luckily we called them and they actually shipped them to us really fast... Still smelled like smoke.

Fun times!!! Now we are back home. We did take our camera and i will post some pics soon of our vaca. As for now, TTFN!!