Summer lovin

Well all I cant believe it myself, but we have actually kept a real life human alive for a whopping 4 months!!! This may not be an achievement to most, but to us, its kind of a big deal. I mean your talking about a girl who cant keep a plant a live and killed it by putting christmas decorations on the tiny little leaves and who fed her brothers fish some candy for its dinner. And my lovely husband whos fish Sparky died after a day. ok, maybe we just arent fish people. But it is true that little Lucy has hit the 4 month mark back on June 18th. We are proud of our little butterball, maybe the kind of butter made with 1% milk because she is still pretty little, but a butterball none-the-less she is growing like a little weed. It turns out she is in the 50th %ile for height and weight, and yes an astounding 90th %ile for her head!!! She is just really smart i guess. Do keep in mind though, that these stats are for her adjusted age 2 & 1/2 months not for a typical 4 month old. So all in all she is growing, growing, growing! I was really worried that she wasnt even going to be on the charts but she is right on track! GOOD JOB LUCE!!!

Another two thumbs up would be to Ty and I because believe it or not, we have actually, for reals, not even joking, have worked our way up to jogging 2 3/4 miles nonstop!!! I know, i honestly cant believe it either. I never in my life have been able to do this, never. I was even pretty darn fit in high school and this would have kicked my trash in a second. I think it has to do with a LOT of prayer and telling myself that I can do hard things. I always tell myself "Jody, you have given birth and it was a heck of a lot harder and longer than this is going to be, and you are still alive, you can do this!!" We are scheduled to run our very first 5K on July 10 at the Lavender Fields. We are excited. Nervous, but excited well I am a least.

In other news, still no job yet for Tyler. Granted he does have a job right now, but thats only because he is taking a completely waste of our time and money class that he has already taken for a stinkin $600+books so he can not even make that much money in his total salary this summer notice how I am not at all pleased with this situation, just so he can keep a job until August. I feel like we are being taken, I dont think we are, but thats how I feel. Its just like sending your kid to daycare just so you can work and make money, but all your money goes to the daycare, so there really isnt a point in going to work and sending your kid to daycare. Does that make sense. Total catch 22!!! I cant handle it. There must be a better way. But there isnt!!! At least not to our earthly knowledge. Ty has had his resume out to at least 35 places since April and he has had a total of 2 job interviews, TWO!!!! Its not that he isnt qualified. Its not that he is applying for jobs that he isnt trained for, or shooting for the absolute perfect job. He isnt. He is just trying to find a job that makes more than minimum wage for crying out loud!!!! Gees he couldnt even get a job throwing peanuts at the Owls baseball stadium!!! I just dont get it. But we are trying to keep our spirits up mine are warring, im not the most patient. Its just really scary to know that he HAS to have a job by August or we will have to resort to selling our kidneys on the black market you think i am kidding?. Plus I dont think our insurance will cover that. Anyway, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know of any job openings!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be our hero.

I wish i had pics of Lucy to post. They are all on my phone and I have NO CLUE of how to get them transferred, our phones dont have sd cards in them. But maybe I will think of something. Until til then, have a wonderful week all!!