Weather for art thou spring?!

Lame title I know but did you get it, instead of "Whether for art..." I said "Weather..." because I was talking about Spring? Ok Im even more lame now. If you want to stop reading now, I understand. Its late, throw me a bone. So lately I have been needing some serious sun and warm weather. Its hard being cooped up all day because of it being super cold and because i want to preserve our lives from lung cancer, which we are all bound to get from the nasty never-ending inversion. You could basically cut that stuff with a knife its so thick! BLEH!!! Anywho, this is the first winter that I have never had to work, so I haven't been cooped up like this before. So LUCKILY we get to go to St George for an impromptu vaca/job interview for the nice long weekend! HELLO 60+ degree weather! But in all honesty while we have been on the never-ending search for a job, while staying in Utah county would be a MAJOR safety net and comfort for me, knowing what winter is like is almost a deal breaker for me, pathetic maybe, but im not kidding!

Talking about the job hunt and Utah county; I discovered the other day (because it is inevitable we are moving away) that leaving this place is going to be kind of hard. While I am so anxious to leave and start a new chapter, I cant help but think what we are leaving behind. Its SO easy here! Our families are always coming to visit, or they are not far away for us to visit. 2 of my best friends live here and the other comes to visit a few times a year. Missing out on the get-togethers is going to be hard. BUT I am so ready for the chance to start something new, and mostly to stop living like a student. I am ready to get out and explore life out of Utah or at least a new place in utah if thats where we end up. While i feel so safe and guarded here, it will be so good to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. I am just REALLY excited and looking forward to what the next few weeks/months are going to bring us.

My baby turns 3 in a few days. Im not sure how I feel about this. I already blogged about this before, but now its closer and I cant ignore it anymore. I just love that little girl! She is so darn cute! One thing I know, is that she was sent to our family on purpose and I couldnt be more grateful. Nobody has ever pushed every single emotion and feeling to its greatest extent like she has in me and I love her for it. Even though she is now my big girl, she will still always be my baby.