Fall fun

We have been so excited for the Halloween season this year! Ok we are excited every year, but this year Lucy can participate more and understand it a little more. I want to be a festive mom who really makes each holiday special and fun. Something that my kids will always remember as having fun and being together. So here are a few of the festivities we did this year. 

Awesome drive through the Provo Canyon

Decorating halloween cookies

Of course decorating!


Cornbelly's giant chair 

Pumpkin patch in Orem

And painting pumpkins!

Trythalls 2012

So the last few years I have been selected to participate in the exclusive event of family portraiture of the Blake Trythall family. I have been deeply honored to have been given such an opportunity as this and will treasure this for years to come... Ok ok so i am making myself seem super important. The truth is I am cheap and easy and they know I wont say no to taking their pictures. Here are a few fav's of mine from the blessed event.


Winds of Change

Man I swear our lives are never boring. This summer has flown by and today is Oct 1! I love this part of the year though. I love the changing leaves, the cooler weather, wardrobe change, fall/Halloween decorating, and of course all the fun halloween festivities and activities. Love it. But with ALL that, we still can find ways to overload our lives...

So from last post, and many comments on facebook, we are in the process of potty training our little princess. Did I mention that this is the WORST!!! EVER!!! Seriously, I cant handle it. She was doing so well and then all of a sudden it became this power struggle. I tell her to sit on the potty so she does and then she doesnt go. But then she jumps off the potty and runs in her room, or somewhere and pee's before I can catch her. She does it on purpose people!!! She knows exactly what she is doing too. UGH! I nearly blew a gasket (yes I just said that) this morning over it. The thing is though she will NOT keep a diaper on either. I feel like our house is a feces covered, urine soaked, germy mess! Yes I clean up the messes of course but still! How do I know after she goes on the floor that she didnt touch it and then touch everything else in the house before I even know what happened! I feel like I need to wear a hazmat suit. Maybe im developing a case of OCD. Am I spiraling?

So even bigger news. My lovely husband was called to be Elders Quorum Pres. Talk about stressful! Holy smokes. Especially sense we have a very needy ward. The Bishopric told him that this is going to be VERY hard and that the ward needs A LOT of help. So thats comforting. But he was called for a reason, that I know. It will be really good for us and I am excited for him. He will do a great job for sure.

Even bigger BIGGER news. No we arent pregnant. Therefore, the infertility treatments we have done the last few months have not worked so that means we move on to the next option. The Dr gave us 2 choices of either Artificial Insemination or the big Invitro. She would have us do up to 3 rounds of artificial and if that didnt work then our last option for sure is Invitro after that. There is up to a 30% chance of conceiving with AI, and she isnt positive that that would even work or not. It may. But she said obviously there is something else going on that we just cant understand because i should be preg by now. BUT with Invitro there is a 70-75% chance of getting pregnant. Pretty good odds seems how the average normal couple conceiving is a whopping 20% each month! They are extremely successful in there office with invitro, one of the highest in the country! So we feel like that is what we need to do, go big or go home. Invitro. Crazy.

But in order for this to happen we are strongly feeling like we need to made some BIG changes! We decided that instead of waiting til Feb to apply for jobs we should start right now. This is the last semester of classes for Ty and he is finished with them the first week of Dec and next semester he just works on/defends his thesis, which he can do anywhere! So we are applying for actual career jobs right now. Its awesome! well awesome for me. Ty would rather break his leg than to apply for the million jobs just to get one. But this means our lives are moving forward!!! Ok its always moving forward, but I feel like we have been stuck in school for so long and student living that we have been going CRAZY to move on! So as soon as we get a new career (YAY!) then we will start the process of invitro (hopefully soon).

Our ever changing lives are never boring. We only get through it all with the tons of support and MAJOR answers to prayers. And for that, I am grateful.