Infertility and cake...

So a little catch up on the big "I" (infertility).  So this past month I have been doing IUI treatment. If you want to know more about IUI go here. But I have mentioned before that I have to give myself shots every night and go to Vegas every 3 days. Well that was going GREAT until our last appt when it was to decide when to do the actual procedure. I got a phone call that day saying we are going to have to cancel this cycle of IUI because there are too many eggs I have developed and they dont want to risk me having "9 babies" as what the NP told me over the phone. It wasnt a matter of "if" i got pregnant, but "how many". There was just to great of risk with how many eggs I had produced. So I was really bummed out, yet grateful that the medicine actually worked, it just worked a little too well! So I was disappointed because I didnt want to have keep doing this over and over again. It is very expensive to drive to Vegas every 3 days, pay for the medicine, take my child who seems to need every type of attention possible while I am driving and cant help her, give myself shots every night, not to mention the mental stress of infertility. Also did I mention we drive a whopping 4 hours all for about 10 minutes TOPS in the Dr office?! So anyway, I was put out, yet grateful (that doesnt make sense, i know). Now we have to start all over. Luckily we dont have to pay again (only for meds). But as I was talking to the nurse last night to schedule my appt for today I asked "just how many eggs did i produce?" and she counted, and counted and finally she said "21!". Twenty-one eggs people!!! Holy smokes! Again with the whole grateful thing. Could you imagine if I got pregnant?! I was thinking it was only 9 egg, since the nurse told me they dont want me to have 9 babies, but no, 21. I guess that is 21 less "crimson tides" that I dont have to surf in the future ;) Ok that was TMI but Im trying to look at the positive here folks!

So now I am back at it starting today. Sigh.......

I cant believe it is almost July. I love July. Living in Utah and being LDS we have 2 holidays to celebrate. AWESOME! Nothing says "American" like celebrating your country and religion and the freedom we have like the month of July. I am entering a cake decorating contest in Hurricane so I am racking my brain to come up with the most awesome looking and tasting cake there. Heaven only knows we need the cash prize AND to get my name and business out there to lots of people. I also just ordered business cards. That is weird to think I actually have a business card. I feel official.

Also one last thing. I dont think I put a pic up of my latest creation. It was for a friend who had a mission farewell party. He is going to the Ukraine and I was asked to to a cake for him. It was chocolate cake with a peanut butter mousse filling. This is the design I came up with...



So Ty and I were playing our usual game of Phase 10 (other times its Skipbo) and we were discussing how Ty would REALLY love to some day go back and work at a University. Ideally for him it would be BYU. Then we got talking about how we dont really feel at home here in St George yet and how we really miss Utah County. Then we got talking about maybe its because we are still new here and just need time to adjust and make friends. That last part, the one about making friends, thats where we fall short... See Ty and I are pretty sociable people. Probably more so Ty than me, but still we love the idea of having great friends around that you can hang out with at a moments notice. Is that hard to come by? Honestly, I dont know the answer to that. I have been SSSOOO lucky to have life-long friends around (and other great friends we have made along the way) that we have always had access too. If we were bored one night we could always call up someone and have a fun plan. Is that a rare thing that I have taken advantage of my whole life? Either that OR what worries us is that people think we are
A) weird
B) unfriendly; or
C) all of the above

Are we weird? Do people see us and say "oh they look nice" and then talk to us and say "oh... they are... different." Hmmm. There is some food for thought. Is there a reason we dont have any friends? We boggled over this question for some time. But to our credit we have noticed people keep to themselves a lot more here. We still dont know the majority of our neighbors and have probably only actually SEEN them a hand full of times, if ever at all. And in our ward we dont really fit in either. There is probably only a small hand full of people our age, and most of them have multiple kids they are busy with and have callings in the primary so we have only seen them in sacrament.... If it werent for our fearless attention-seeking child, we literally would know no one! So to all our friends scattered all over, how do you meet new friends when you move?


Splish Splash

Its officially getting hot down here. I think our days of double digit temperatures are gone for the time being. Its actually not as bad as I anticipated. Granted it isnt quite 110 on a regular basis yet, but being inside in air conditioned places or cars of course is the key. Friday I was in Vegas and at noon (nevada time) it was already 111, and thats not even the heat of the day! Yowzah!

Yesterday we took lucy to a Splash Festival in Washington and she had a blast! It is such a nice rec center and the pool opens up to the outdoors and has a lazy river and a water slide that is half indoors half out, plus lots of kid play areas/slides. They also had music and a surprisingly good band playing while Iron Man, pirates and mermaids graces us with their nautical presence. Lucy loved seeing "Ariel" and her friend (the other mermaid) and was quick to dismiss Ty and I so we wouldnt cramp her style and embarrass her in front of the famous mermaids. It was funny we took her over there and she turns around and said "Get out" (she is very tactful) and pushes us away. So now it starts. I didnt think she would be embarrassed of us until at least 10!

I have been super busy lately having to travel to Vegas every few days for fertility treatments. I have to take Lucy with me because I dont have anyone to watch her for hours every 3 days. Its not bad its just hard because she gets so restless sitting in the car. We travel the 2 hours just to be in the Dr office for  a whopping 10 minutes tops and then we are back on the road, so she doesnt get much of a break. so we are in the process of IUI right at the moment and they have to check up on me so often so that they are certain they get the results they want and make sure its not working TOO much, also the medicine I have to use has some nasty side effects that could potentially happen if they dont keep an eye on me. I am grateful for them taking such concern and it is very important, especially to get multiple eggs ready (therefore a better chance of conceiving). So i am very glad that they are really on top of things. Its just hard traveling so much, with a baby, on a car that has well over 111,000 miles on it. I just happened to stumble across a blog of a couple in Texas that went through the same procedure as me and had 3 eggs developed, just like my Dr is hoping for, and this couple wound up with quintuplets! WHAT! Talk about freaked me out! We are praying for one, possibly two, but 5!? I would cry for a while I think. Wish us luck!

Tonight before bed I asked Lucy if she wanted me to have a baby so that she would have a brother or sister and she said "Ummmm, no. Wucy pony?, No baby". Meaning, she asked if she could get a pony and has no interest in a sibling. So thats good to know.

This week I have a cake order and I am super excited. This is for a mission farewell party and there will be TONS of St. Georgians there to gain potential clients from.