Tender mercies

Well we are finally in our cute little townhome here in St George. After some craziness and major frustration of getting packed up, moving, unpacked, and most of all getting our new place official, we can finally (well almost, after we get all decorated and settled) call this place home. I am so excited. Already I feel like a new person. I like change for the most part. I feel it is so refreshing. Like starting new. Just the warmer weather, blossoms and leaves on trees, fresh air, and blue skies really makes a huge difference in my attitude. Monday was a trying day, with a trying 3 year old. But yesterday was such a good day the I have to document it. Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I said "Man, I am having such a good day today!" 

It started off like any other day. But we went to run some errands and I smelt the awesomeness of fresh cut grass for the first time this year. That is one of my favorite smells! I would have to wait for another month at least in Provo for this to happen. While we were out Lucy was actually a really good girl, despite Monday when I almost put her up for adoption. In fact she was really, really cute. Ill talk more about her cuteness in a minute. But as we came home a little lizard was on our porch to greet us home. But at least I got to show Lucy before it ran away and for the rest of the day Lucy kept yelling "Wizard where are you?!" and "Hey, where the wizard go?" We ate lunch and took a nap and Lucy actually slept in her "big girl bed" like a CHAMP!!! Man talk about a solid from Heavenly Father! I was unpacking more of the kitchen and Lucy kept going out the front door by herself, I couldnt make her stay in. I walked to the open door and found Lucy sitting on our little stool in the middle of the sidewalk looking down the sidewalk at the little kids playing. It broke my heart. She just wants some friends SO badly. She gets so sick of hanging out with me all day. I could just see her longing for them to come over and talk to her and being to nervous to go over to them. So of course I couldnt make her go inside with me while I unpacked so I stayed out with her. This. made. my. day.

As we were out there the little boys on their scooters that she wanted to play with noticed her and came riding up the sidewalk in front of our house over and over. Lucy kept yelling "Hey boys!", "Boys, Im Wucy King!" and "Woohoo boys, a wizard over here". It was hilarious! So then I could here them plotting something and I heard "...the girl in the pink shirt" then they came riding back up. As they passed the first one did a little tiny jump on his scooter as he passed. The next one tried his hardest to do a wheely and the last (the best one) as he passed he winked really big at Lucy. It was HILARIOUS!!! Then when they came back they did the same tricks and the last one instead of winking, raised his eyebrows up and down at Lucy. I think we are in trouble! Then they stopped and we chatted and Lucy found some little buddies to show off too. It turns out that so far, Lucy is the only girl (that isnt a baby) that is in our direct neighbor area. 7 boys (that we know of) and Lucy. Yep, we are in trouble. But the best news is the dad of 2 of these boys came over and introduced himself and his kids. One of the boys is 4 and the dad said that he doesnt get along with boys his age very well but REALLY gets along with little girls, esp girls younger than him. That he gets really protective and big brotherly. So Lucy may have a new best friend already! Also everyone is so nice here. WAY nicer than in Provo. We have only been here a few days and feel more welcome then maybe the whole time we were in provo! 

Yesterday was a great day. A tender mercy that is for sure. I think the Lord knows I really needed those little moments to really give me a boost. 


Provo ~ St. George

Well, the post I have been ready to post for the last 3 years is finally here!! I am going to allow myself one gooshy and sentimental post about P-town and the craziness going through my mind. Feel free to skip this post as it will be super wordy, long, and like I said gooshy and sentimental. Without further ado, I am so excited to announce that we have found a job and are moving to the sunny St George! Out of the HUNDREDS of applications and jobs my darling applied to, who would have thought that we would end up right in Utah. We were pretty sure that we were leaving since out of the hundreds of jobs we only applied to a handful in Utah. In fact, we almost had a job in NC, but we turned it down and decided St George was where the Lord wanted us to be.

So the job is for Voxxy Networks. Its an SEO company that one of our close family friends owns with his buddy and they decided that they want to integrate social media into what they do, so they contacted Tyler. We didnt even have to apply, how awesome is that! Its kind of funny that again, out of the hundreds of jobs (literally, I'm not exaggerating) we found someone who came to us. Its funny because that is basically what happened with grad school. Ty was told that he wasnt even qualified for BYU grad program, but we applied anyway. He didnt even completely have the application complete before they accepted him, weird. It just goes to show that the Lord has a plan, and His will be done. For some crazy reason the Lord blesses us beyond our deserving or understanding.

We decided that next wed is the day of days. That is the day we bid farewell to our first home. Its getting really weird. We have taken down pretty much all of our decor and have a bunch of stuff packed and boxes lying all over the house. As anxious as I am to get going on the next chapter of our lives, i have to admit, i certainly am going to miss Utah county. I may even shed a tear. How I said the Lord has a plan for us, for me moving to Provo was nothing short of just that. I moved here by myself, no friends or family. While all my friends moved away together, i seperated myself because i knew provo was the place for me. I have experienced SO much while living here. I found myself here actually. I found who the REAL Jody was. I met people who will forever stay in my heart and experienced things that helped shape and mold me that couldnt have been done elsewhere. I fell in love here, I got married here, I had a baby here, and created a home here. Im definately going to miss a lot of things like provo canyon in the summer/fall, byu grounds in the spring, the mall (st goerge mall is sub-par), Maceys, our condo, friends and family, BYU, and our favorite local restaurants and a bunch more things i cant think of at the moment.

Last but not least I need to say just how proud of Ty I am. He works/has worked SO hard for us. The stress of school, work, applying for hundreds of jobs (have i mentioned that already?), plus dealing with everything at home has been really hard on him. I truly lucked out on him. I dont think anyone else could handle me. He is just SO layed back and easy going! He deserves the world, thats for sure. Im so excited to start this new chapter with this guy. Thank you buddy, I love you and am so proud of you!