Sitting, waiting, wishing...

Wow I cant believe that it has been 5 weeks since our last post. I swear, time flies faster and faster every year!!! Gosh we haven't even talked about Christmas (even though our last post was about the New Year). Quick recap: it was great, as always. We spent Christmas in E-town and then New Years in Logan.
I swear I have a new blog post that I think up everyday, but I never post my thoughts! But today is a new day. Today's post is all about what is up in the King home. Well since the new year, Ty has started his VERY last semester at BYU. It is basically a fluff semester for him cause he has all of his credits, he is basically just going so he can keep his job at the library. Also, we have been applying to grad schools. We have everything in to all the schools and are just waiting to hear back. We are VERY nervous and can not WAIT to finally know where in the world we will end up in the next couple of months. Man, what stress I tell you. Not knowing what or where we are going to be 4 months from now (this includes jobs, housing, finances, everything) especially when we will have a baby in tow. But something will work out, we at least know that much. Its just kinda scary.
As for myself, I am just chugging along. Currently in the baby stats, I only have 8 weeks left. That seems so crazy!! I thought I would never be this far along, but alas, here I am. I start my "every two weeks" Dr. appt starting tuesday, so that is cool. Our little munchkin is only around half her weight, which is ALSO crazy to me, A) because i swear my stomach cannot get much bigger; and B) it seems like she should be bigger than she is since she only has so little time left to cook! I had my first emotional breakdown the other night. That was weird, didnt like it. I swear there wasn't one thing I didnt cry about!!! Oh I hate when my emotions get the best of me!! But I guess that is just one part of being pregnant sometimes. I felt really bad for Ty, but he couldnt be more awesome. Through the up's and down's of pregnancy, he never gets (or shows) annoyed and he treats me like a queen! What a sweetheart!! But I do have to admit, I am ready to get back to my normal non-pregnant self. I have had a pretty cake pregnancy, lets be honest, but I dont know, how do I say this without sounding completely HORID; I cant say I am one of those people who LOVE being pregnant. And no, I dont feel bad saying that. I know some people just LOVE it, and they love every second, but I am just not that way. That doesnt mean I will never be pregnant again, in fact it doesnt change how many children Ty and I originally planned to have. There are certain parts that I love, that are just so precious, that I feel truely blessed to be able to experience that a man will never get to experience; I will never take that for granted. And I know everything that happens will be totally worth it, and I cant wait, honestly. I may sound sort of contridicting saying i dont like it, but in a way i do, but that is the truth. I could jab on and on about this subject, but I will refrain; your welcome. But we have a TON of exciting things happening in the next little while that we need to keep up on, but until then, adios!