ABC's and 1-2-3's

 So i have been having writers block. I like my writing to be interesting. I like some personality in my blog and I have apparently been really boring and have had a hard time expressing my every day activities in a fun way. You know what I mean? blogs arent fun to read or write when they are so plain and mundane!

So I have finally decided that I need to get my rear in gear and just catch up and write! So after a few months of Lucy starting school I decided its time to blog about it! I cant believe my little baby is in preschool. She is only 3 so she will be going to preschool for 2 years. I think this is ok and heaven only knows my social butterfly needs to explore, learn and play without me hovering over her at all times. All summer long Lucy would ask everyday, all day, if she could go to school. So needless to say she was VERY excited. We got her all suited up in her brand new oversized backpack (Disney princess style of course) and dropped her off on a new chapter of life.

I was really excited for her (and for free time i have to admit) but I was so sad that she is growing up so fast. I walked her in and found her seat. She was pretty quiet and just taking everything in and not quite sure of things. But she came home and was so excited to tell me and show me what she did. She tells me everyday about her new friends and her teachers. She loves school! It is so good for her too. Even though she will be in preschool for 2 years I am really glad we put her in this early. Plus they have different curriculum for the 3 and 4 year olds.  Already I can tell a big difference in her speech and her teachers say she is doing better in her listening and sitting still. I love dropping her off and seeing all the adorable little kids. I swear there are kids that are so tiny, they look like they are 2! The cutest is the huge backpacks that go all the way down to the back of their knees and bounce up and down as they walk in to class. Too cute! Little random side note, Lucy has grown exactly 2 inches since we moved here in march! Holy smokes! That is 2 inches in 6 months.