I have a fashion dilemma people. Im not sure what to do. Winter is slowly or rather quickly in my opinion creeping up on us and I have found myself for the 4th year in a row yearning for the perfect pair of boots. Preferably, ones that dont cost an arm or a leg or my feet in this case hehe. The thing is, I find ones I like but they always have at least a 3 inch heel on them. Dont get me wrong, I am definitely not one to oppose a rocking pair of stilettos, but while walking on snow/ice carrying a baby and heaven only knows how many more items in my arms, 4inch stilettos aren't going to cut it or maybe they will by me falling on my head and cutting my head open! I dont want to look like I just got off a horse, motorcycle, llama, pole, or the premier of Robin Hood 2. Not sure what to do...

Also with my fabulous boots that I am destined to find, cant very well hide under a pair of baggy jeans. So what do you do, pair them with skinny jeans right?! There is my problem. I think people look either awesomeor flat out ridiculous in skinny jeans and I do not want to look the latter. I am afraid my tight perky bum/flat non poochy baby belly days are gone and I dont want to emphasize that matter. Not only that but I have a phobia of buying things that are super-faddish, that I look back and think WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! Are skinny jeans going to be around for a LONG time, Im not sure yet. Am I going to have Stacy and Clinton in the back of my mind saying "That is definitely What Not To Wear sweetheart!"? Or am I just being hesitant on the latest and greatest? Do you have to be super skinny to wear them? People I need some feedback!!!


Finders Keepers!!!

So my friend Steffi and I were going for a walk around the temple block just like we normally do, on a very normal day, Thursday. As we were walking she said "oh there is money on the ground!" I couldn't see it and she pointed out a folded bill on the grass. We hesitated for a minute and decided to walk around the block and if see if i was still there and its rightful owner didnt come to pick it up. So around the block we go and the bill was still there. As i was looking at it from a far I noticed it didnt quite look like a dollar bill so I went to pick it up and sure enough it wasnt a dollar bill it was a:

Thats right it just happened to be a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL!!!!! We couldnt believe our eyes!! We actually found a real life, no joke Benjamin sitting right on the grass! There had been multiple people walking up and down the hill and no one had seen it but us. So being the good little girls that we are we decided to write a note to the car it was by and gave them my number to call if the ( undisclosed amount) money was theirs. Well 24 hours passed and no call. I decided to call the Provo Temple to see what we should do and we brought it in and since it was on the outside of the temple grounds, they have nothing to do with it and they said "its your lucky day, make sure you pay tithing on it!" I COULD NOT believe my ears, it was OURS, WHAT?! So now we are each $50 richer and miles more excited. It is not everyday you find $100 just laying around, especially when you are as poor as we are!!


Goblins, ghouls and ghosts OH MY

I cannot WAIT for Halloween! I love it. I love the crisp air, the fallen leaves, pumpkins and sweaters. Not to mention all the awesomeness of All Hallows Eve. I was so excited that I took Lucy out in her costume and took some pictures.

So last year Ty and I went a little crazy for Halloween; awesome ideas, yes, a little over the top, maybe. We realized the over zealous costumes as I went into work and nobody recognized me. Thats right, no one! But I do have to say I have been the runner up two years in a row for having the sweetest costume. And not to mention when we went to the awesome party at the Butterfields, we were expecting equally as awesome costumes from the rest of the crew but alas I guess the extent of some transformations were a black shirt with a tiny printed off lightning strike on it saying "Lightning Bug". Yes Kade, I am talking about YOU. To say the least, we were a little embarrassed!

(sorry picture quality is not great, this is a picture of a picture, my scanner wasnt working)

So as you can see, we are lawn ornaments. I as a garden gnome and Ty as a pink flamingo. We laughed at least. Anyway, here is a sneak peak at what the King family's costumes are like this year. Obviously from the pictures above Lucy is a black cat, tail and all.

Ty is going to be Chuck, from the tv show Chuck (go figure). Big stretch I know...
And I am going to be a child eating, potion brewing, broom riding WITCH!