Gosh so much to catch up on!!

First off I am officially OVER a quarter of a century old. I cant believe it myself. Im still so young but I just think of how fast time goes by, pretty soon Im going to be a half century and not even realize!! My birthday fell on a Sunday so really I had a whole weekend celebration. Ty took me to the BYU ballroom dance show, totally awesome by the way, and we went out to eat and just hung out. We have a tradition where we make breakfast in bed for the special day but sadly, my day was fast Sunday so the french bread I bought specifically for my breakfast, didnt get used :(

Oh ya, this is BIG news!! Lucy FINALLY has some teeth!! Her two bottom ones are finally in, with no others in sight. They are so cute, her little teethies, they make me laugh. She is such a little girl now, not so much a baby. Just the things she does its just so grown-up and childlike. Like her little poses she does when she is watching something, its so funny it looks like a little girl trying to be ultra cool. She hasnt figured out the hand on the hip thing yet, thankfully, but Im sure its on its way. She is our little spitfire sassy pants. She still isnt really saying many real words yet but she jabbers ALL DAY LONG!!! She doesnt stop, ever. Its so funny!!

What else. Oh ya So i totally hit the jackpot this time of year. Poor Ty, first we have Valentines Day, then its my birthday, shortly followed by our anniversary AND Mothers Day!!! Boo-YA. Its pretty awesome.