Christmas time is here

Wow I cannot believe how fast the past two months have gone. I swear it was just Halloween and now Thanksgiving is over and in 2 days its December! Its kinda weird, but how fast time goes by kinda scares me. Like it genuinely freaks me out a little. I feel like I am on a spinning merry go round and the last couple of years it has gotten progressively faster and faster. I feel like before I know it, I will be 50! Im not quite 28 but I still feel not a day over 24 and often times forget that I am actually NOT 24. Does anyone else have this weird phobia like me?

I am so happy that we have all our Christmas shopping done for the three of us! Beside stocking stuff, we just have to do family gifts and we are in business! We put the tree up, in all its glory, well half its glory. We decided to try and squeeze our giant fatty tree into the living room this year instead of our kitchen (that is just weird, and we have no space to eat at our table) so we decided to put it up right against the wall and leave off the branches in the back! GENIUS! It only looks a little funky when you walk down the hall and can see a gap between the wall and the tree, oh well i guess.

Lucy is Super stoked and even MORE helpful than she was last year (if you can image)

My cute little bums fixing the tree

I am a lights snob and they have to be done JUST right

Lucy being her adorable self. Whats better than a necklace? A necklace that lights up!

I didnt get a pic of the finished product though. I realized the other day that this is the first winter I have been a stay at home mom. And i realized it may be harder than I thought! I have been pretty stir crazy lately and I jump at the chance for any reason to get out of the house! I also realized I am not good at playing 2 yr old games and toys. Does that make me a bad mom? Im still deciding. Its just hard when Lucy REFUSES to play by herself (she never has, never, not for more than 5 min). I feel like a dancing monkey most of the time as she is constantly saying "mommy dance!" "mommy tickle" "mommy come get me!" "mommy kick a ball". This is about when I wish she had a constant playmate, like a twin or something. Im horrible!


Butterfield princesses

My lovely friend Meggan asked me to take pictures of her darling and GORGEOUS little girls before it gets too cold outside. Of course I couldnt say NO! We just love those Butterfields. Here are a few of my favorites

Spoooooky Halloween!

 To wrap up the October month it finally came, HALLOWEEN! We have been preparing for this moment for quite awhile. It takes me forever to figure out what we are going to be for halloween so I start deciding like in January. Just kidding. Kind of... But we were especially excited this year because this is the costume I have wanted to do since we got married and now was the time to do it! Ty and I were Mary Poppins and Burt and Lucy was a penguin. Our initial plan was to do the white dress up costumes when they are in the park and they have the cute little server penguins dancing along but once i realized how intense the costume making (or putting together) would be, we decided to go for the much easier costumes at the beginning of the movie. But lucy was still a penguin. Didnt make much sense, but oh well. In fact a lady at Ty's work said  to Lucy "what a CUTE little duck! What does a duck say?!" it was funny.

Trick or Treating with the Geilman boys and Lucy's loot after our ward trunk or treat