This just in...

Some awesome things I would like to share with the class:

1) I am sure you have ALL heard because I cant stop blabbing about it that Ty and I have been working on running a 5K this summer. WE DID IT!!! We in the King home are NOT runners well maybe we are sort of trying to be runners these days. In fact I would have died if I knew I had to run more than 1 block, and even then... But we have been training and we did it. I actually accomplished something. This is such a big deal to ME because I actually set a goal and I actually accomplished it. I always make goals, but I pretty much never accomplish any of them. Sad I know. But Ty and I and Lucy in her little stroller did this together!! Neither of us have ever ran that much or that long before. Here is what I have to say, PEOPLE YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!!!We can do hard things. Even I, Jody King, can do hard things. So we did the Lavender 5K and let me just say that Young Living Farms is BEAUTIFUL!!! I fell in love with the place. I never knew it was so beautiful because you cant see most of the farm from the freeway only the awesome lavender fields. If you ever get a chance to go SEE IT!!!

2) Lucy just laughed for the FIRST time today!!! I have been waiting for this moment since she was born. I am super excited at this!! Not many things are more adorable than a baby laughing. I will catch this on camera one day and post it, just you wait. Another thing she did today is roll over from her tummy to her back! Here is a little video...

Ok... So i cant get the video uploaded. And... i ended up getting the drive stuck in the computer. Like REALLY stuck. Like an inch deep inside stuck. OOPS

3) I have been craving tootsie rolls lately and so I made homemade ones. Not so good. I was really bummed. They definitely aren't as good as the original.

4) I LOVE my Lucy-bear and my Ty-bum. I am so lucky

5) And this one I am grateful for but still trying not get get uptight about. Heres why. I am not down to my pre-preg size yet. Bummer :( Thats why I get a little frustrated. BUT the good news is I am down 7 lbs since starting the running thing. WAHOO!!! I just have to keep telling myself that I can do and I AM doing it. Just slowly, kind of like my running.... Who knew the few extra would be so stingy!!!