Green with envy

Well. I think we have had a break though. Well a realization to something that is why Lucy is so crazy...

Lets rewind to last Wed night. Ty was headed off to Phoenix for a little March Madness with the boys for 4 whole days!! To say the least I was really nervous. I was nervous that I wasn't going to handle wrangling the "Lucy Bear" all by myself. I was scared. Well can I just say how FANTASTIC our weekend was! Lucy was an ANGEL. Seriously, she was perfect. I think she was in time-out maybe twice the whole time he was gone. Usually she is in time out at least twice in one day. We had so much fun and she was so cute and funny. She was saying new words everyday... Then Sunday came and she was CRAZY! Since then she has been a handful. And it started pretty much when Ty got home...

Well today earlier I had a quick nonchalant thought that maybe she was jealous of Ty, that she had to share me. But then I just dismissed the thought and went about my day. Well Ty was talking to his mom and she said THE SAME THING!!! That maybe Lucy IS jealous of Ty. Well we thought about it, and the more we thought about it the more and more we are pretty sure it is true. Lucy is certifiably jealous of her father.

I have to say I am rather flattered... But we have a problem. Obviously daddy is going nowhere, and Lucy isn't going anywhere either. We thought after 2 years of living together that she would be used to the guy. Apparently not... Maybe she will snap out of it. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Wow, I hate to think what she would be like with 2 competitors!


Lucy's 2 year pix

Here is it more than a month after Lucy turned 2 that I am FINALLY posting her pics we took. I just got them edited. It was kind of nightmare-ish taking them so I was surprised more of them turned out than I thought. So without further ado...
She looks kind of mad. But this one is a definite FAV
This one is also a fav. What a cheeser!
Pointing to her nose
Playing with bubbles
...And dipping her hand in the water


Ranting and Raving

Warning: What you are about to read is very long, and whiny. Read at your own risk!

Sheesh! The past week I have been stressing out about finances, future, and life in general. I don't know what my deal is! I am usually pretty level-headed and chill when it come to all this stuff, I just do what needs to be done and don't worry about the rest. But this week, this week is different. I am what i like to call the "snowballer" I think about one thing and it stresses me out, but then that thought will lead to 10 other equally stressful thoughts and before I know it i am spiraling out of control in my in my brain. Usually this is cured by a good cry and a good nights rest.
First off, my thought of the fact that this year will be 9 nine years since graduating from high school and that time has felt more like 5 years, it has gone extremely fast for me. Then I thought (my first thought that triggered my insanity) was "wow look at everything that has happened in 10 years!" Then I thought "wow what does the next 10 years have in store" which led to "holy crap in 10 years I'm going to be 37" (37 years of age PEOPLE!!!!!) which of course lead to "I will be basically 40, which means I'm over-the-hill, which means i can officially say I'm getting old, then retirement will come and i will be a grandma, which means I've basically lived my life and i may as well throw in the towel!" (see what i mean about the whole spiraling thing) So in a total of 3.7 minutes i had a mini pre-midlife crisis. Im 27 Jody, not 85! Pull it together!

todays snowballing started out by me reading this article on the D-news about going from two income home to one and how to do it when financially it doesn't seem like it would work. It was a pretty good article for me right now because, I have failed to mention, I have put in my last day of work to be on March 16th!!! Can I just tell you the relief this gives me. I have been waiting for THIS day for 5 years!!!! But that is a whole other post for another day. So i thought about how I need to assess our finances because lets face it, we are probably the worst budgeters in the world and we have no concept of spending vs. saving vs. loans and even though in the past we have instituted a budget, it would only last about 3 days, kind of like a diet. We basically look at our account see how much money is in there and just spend and thats it. So I thought I was going whip ourselves into shape and bust a cap on our spending (not like we are crazy spenders, we are poor people!). Then that got me thinking (here we go again) about how much money we DONT have and thinking about our future. In our near future we are going to need to save for a home (I am REALLY jones-ing for a home right now), save for a future car (I'm sure we are going to need one in the next 5 years), save for an emergency fund, and save for our future children's college (aka 529 plan). All these savings made my heart and stomach crawl into a ball and shake. So i signed us up on mint.com (which is super cool) and got a good start on our financial planning and whatnot. The heart palpitations started when I set up our goals. I looked at the "buying a home" goal and it basically said we are going to need around $40,000 for a down payment on a home. SERIOUSLY $30,000! WHAT THE HECK!!!! And thats on the cheap end. And we would need to set aside $666/mo. to reach this goal in 5 years. I am pretty sure that will take us 20 years just to save up for a down payment on a home, not to mention all the other costs and a mortgage payment. That means I will be 47 by the time we can afford to buy a home. THEN i actually did sign lucy up for a college 529 plan through UESP and it said on average (in future costs-inflation) we will need to have saved $150,000. That is for 4 years of college, paying for everything. $150,000 PEOPLE!!! Thats for ONE CHILD! Ok I thought, we have approx. 16 years to accomplish this (and our kids are TOTALLY getting jobs) so we can get a good chunk of money saved in 16 years. Then it said to reach this goal we will need to put aside $450/month! Ya right.  Not to mention I am quitting my job to be a mom and moving to St George for 3ish months and neither myself NOR Ty will have a job. Which means no income which means we won't be able to save the $1100+/mo in order to be on track (not like $1100+ is even attainable WITH a job, but thats added stressful thoughts going on inside my brain). Not to mention loans we have to pay off and every other expenditure we have.
So here I sit, eating away my feelings (literally eating, I just put away the bag of chips!) and wallowing in sorrow because how on earth is a person supposed to get ahead in life!!!