Sadovskis Preview

 Last week I had the chance to photograph a darling couple in my ward. We went to the Provo Library and had a lot of fun! Here is to you Katie and Vitali!!!


Desperate times calls for desperate measures

Here's the deal. My child is a picky eater. No I take that back. She's not a picky eater, that is way too much credit, she is a like a non-eater, or maybe a food hater. Its not like she absolutely won't eat anything,  she will, but only like 5 things. Seriously I could name on one hand the food my child will eat.
-breakfast food (well any sweet breakfast food, no eggs or meat or anything like that)
-horrible foods like anything covered with sugar, or chips or crackers and stuff like that (which we rarely give her because we don't buy it)
-peanut butter, she is CRAZY about peanut butter
-sometimes quesadilla's or a grilled cheese

Thats it. No fruit, no veggies, no meat. I have researched and researched until i could research no more about picky eaters, and they are all the same. All the same advice. And i have tried it all. Multiple times. In fact, she has gone to bed hungry right now. She is SO stubborn that she could care less about going to bed hungry. And its not because she isn't hungry that she won't eat, she is, she just wants the above mentioned food, and nothing else. I REFUSE to be a restaurant and make a different thing for every person in our house. REFUSE. Thats not even an option in my house. So, time to cut to the chase.

The other day at the in-laws during dinner time I told everyone at the table "if you can get Lucy to eat 1 bite (of anything besides the above mentioned food) I would give you $100". Needless to say, my wallet is still full. I do not know what to do. I am at my wits end. I lose sleep over this. I have prayed more times about this than I pray for my food to "nourish and strengthen our bodies".  If anyone out there has any USEFUL info to get Lucy to eat, no joke, i will pay you $100. No if's, and's, or but's. I will come to your door with a $100 bill. You know what they say, "Desperate times calls for desperate measures".



BLAH. Thats how I feel at the moment. Just when I thought I was home free, it hit me. Now I'm the sickie. Seriously what is it about winter time and getting sick. Its like an unspoken law of the universe that every winter, every person must get sick at least once, or the world will end. Luce is still sick but she is feeling MUCH better as her "spirited" little self is much more perky than before.

Speaking of... Today after work I got home and again, feeling blah, all I wanted to do was lay down, and Ty was tired too. Lucky for us, Lucy just woke up from her nap, so there went our dreams of having a dream, if only a brief one. So we piled into our bedroom and popped in Aladdin. See its somewhat genius on our end cause Lucy can't get off our bed, which means we don't have to chase her, and we can "relax" somewhat for the length of said Disney flick. Well she got restless so we put her down (rookie mistake on our end) and she went running off into her favorite place, our pantry (aka the lazy susan cupboard next to the oven). Both of us were too exhausted to go and get her as we hear rustlings going on in the kitchen. Next thing we know she comes sauntering in with no joke, a bowl of cereal. It was of course without milk in it, but still, a bowl of cereal. That Lucky Charms box was HUGE and just imagining her dumping the entire box onto the floor just to get a few marshmallows, made us shudder. So after the movie was over we put on a brave face and went to assess the damage. HA! To our surprise, Ty went in the kitchen, no mess there, no mess in the living room, or her room. Nothing but a few charms on a movie case. We were amazed. I think Ty even wiped a lone tear from his eye. Our little angel is all grown up!

Here are a few pictures that I have wanted to put up, to catch up from the past while. Visit to temple square, Christmas, first ever cake for a client, and some random funnies.

                                       Awe... one of the many joys of winter, endless static

She is SUCH a girl. She has been OBSESSED with this tutu (and fairy wings) since the day she got it from Grandma King. (Don't mind the wack-a-doodle hair)


Christmas catch-up

WOW. I honestly cannot believe that it is 2012. The month of December flew by faster than any month this year, and that is REALLY saying something! I swear it was just the other day we put our tree up. We had a crazy busy month, so many things going on all the time, i have been really bad at keeping up. But for the actual holiday we had a lot of fun. We went to G-town and celebrated with my sister and her family. It was fun to have little kids around for Christmas morning rather than just adults, and Lucy. We went to church and then went to my parents and met up with my other sister and her family there to have Christmas dinner. It was delish and fun to see everyone. The next day we had a little party to go to for miss Deja Butterfield as well as another Christmas party, again so much good food and fun. I made my very first fondant cake and surprisingly, it turned out better than expected and I didn't swear once during the process! A few years back the one thing that i REALLY wanted to accomplish was to one day be able to make a double layered cake, thats it, just a double layer, nothing special. And now a few years later I made a double layered, two tiered cake from scratch. See (I'm telling myself), I really can accomplish things, even if it takes a few years. I don't want to track down the cord for my phone to get pics off but I will do that shortly.
Then we went to Logan to celebrate with the King side. We were spoiled, of course, and celebrated "Christmas" for THREE days straight!!! Again, good food, good fun, and good family time. All the little girls (except lucy, until now) was sick the whole time we were there, but moral was high and so was the toddler energy. Now my poor baby is the most sick she has ever been, but at least she went down having fun.
Thanks to EVERYONE who made our Christmas a memorable one!

Being the new year, it is always infamous to make new goals and resolutions. I used to make a list of goals and then about Jan 7th they were all already down the drain. Since I have never made a resolution that I have kept, I haven't made any for the last few years. I think about them and kI think about ways that I can better myself or accomplish something, but I don't officially make a goal or write them down. I guess I feel like I am setting myself up for failure if I do. But I am SO excited to see what 2012 has in store for us. We have YET to have a calm and relaxed year. As my husband says, our lives seem to have something crazy, life changing even, going on. So Im excited to see what this year will bring us.