The Best of the 00's

To those who have a job where they sit at a computer all day, spending most of their time rummaging through the internet in a quest to try and pass the long hours, you have probably noticed a trend. This is the time of the year when many of the most popular news sources like Newsweek, USA Today, and Time magazine put out their top ten lists. But since this is the end of the decade they have taken this holiday tradition to the next level. Nothing is spared as you can read the top ten lists about everything from movies, music, to worst political gaffes of the decade. Since I have to work these next two weeks with nothing really to do here at the library, I thought I would take the initiative and make some of my own top ten lists. Everyone who reads this should feel free to comment, contribute and even disagree with any of these lists because this is just the world according to Tyler.
As I've started to formulate some of these lists the first thing that jumps out at me is how much time I have on my hands, second how hard it is to narrow these things down! But don't worry loyal readers, I've pushed through the pain and with the help of my good friend Wikipedia, I have my first list.

The top ten films of the 00's
I should probably give some kind of reasoning to my madness but honestly I don't really know if I have any solid criteria. I think one of the things that makes a great movie is its re watchable value. Can you watch the same movie multiple times and still think its awesome. Also of these movies remind me of a certain time in my life that was fun or important I put them in. Some of these movies may not have won many awards but hey, this is my list and I can do whatever I want!
1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
Say what you want about the last two films in this trilogy but the first was the best! I remember seeing it my freshman year in the theater and then seeing it three more times once it came to the dollar theater. This movie is just plain fun, great acting, amazing actions scenes and one of the funniest scripts out there.
2. The Dark Knight (2008)
I think one of the best things about this movie was taking my cousin to see it about a week after he got home from his mission, needless to say I think he is still traumatized to this day! Its easy to dismiss this film as just another comic book movie but just like ogres it has layers. For me it talks about the post 9/11 world we live in and the difficult choices we have to make. Not to mention it has some of the best action scenes I have ever seen and through in Heath Ledgers Joker and you have a great movie.
3. Finding Neverland (2004)
I didn't seen this one until I got back from my mission but it was worth the wait. It was just a solid movie, from the story, cinematography, acting, I loved just everything about it.
4. Minority Report (2002)
The first film on the list from my favorite director, Steven Spielberg, Minority Report is another film you just can't think of as Sci Fi because there is so much more to it than that. Its like a modern day Raiders of the Lost Ark.
5. The Emperors New Groove (2001)
One of the lesser known Disney Cartoons but still hilarious and with a nice message at the end.
6. Hitch (2005)
Hitch is one of those movies that always seems to be TNT but you still watch it every time. In my opinion its the best chick flick of the decade, I mean it has the great Will Smith in it, what more do you need? Whenever I watch the part where Albert gets up the nerve to kiss Alegra and throws his inhaler away, I think of Cam, hamming it up in his Senior year video, priceless!
7. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)
Yes I know there are a few inappropriate parts but with clear play its all good!
8. The Incredible s (2004)
Can Pixar make a bad movie? I think not!
9. Gladiator (2000)
"Are you not Entertained!!!!"
10. Casino Royal (2006)
The best James Bond to date, this is one of my favorite movies because its the rare "guy flick" that Jody will actually watch with me.
10b. Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
How can anyone not love this movie. Boy meets girl, Boy gets sold into slavery, Boy loses girl, Boy finds girl and wins who wants to be a millionaire. Pretty good if you ask me.

Honorable Mention:
UP (2009) Balled like a baby during the first five minutes. Shrek 2 (2002) The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), Star Trek (2009) WALLE (2008) Bruce Almighty (2003), 3:10 to Yuma (2007) Avatar (2009)


The week of Thanks and Giving

Hello to one and all. I want to be better at this whole blog thing because my journal writing is pretty much not existent these days. It probably has something to do with the fact that you really don't write things out by hand anymore which has caused my hand writing to suffer greatly! (It wasn't anything to write home about before but I digress)
These past few weeks have been crazy. For the Thanksgiving Break which we both needed desperately, we headed to my parents house in Logan. Even though it is Logan, its nice to get out of Provo. On Tuesday night we went to a Utah State Basketball game, you know I'm trying. I'm trying to like Utah State but its tough. I should rephrase that or people are going to start comparing me to Max Hall. I like the School, I like the program. I always root for them except when they play BYU. But I'll be honest, some of their fans make it hard to root along side them. Most of the things they said would be a little bit to racy for this blog but lets just say they've taught me a few new words. Utah State won of course and its always fun to go to college basketball games.
On Wednesday we headed up to Bear Lake, or Beartrada as my sister likes to call our cabin up there. Bear Lake was a great place to spend holiday. It's beautiful especially in the mornings and it's not very crowded. Though it does have some disadvantages like not having anything open Thanksgiving Day when your wife is about ready to start burning small villages because her heartburn is so bad and you can't find a place open to buy Tums. Luckily I finally did find a place and a crisis was averted!
The next couple of days consisted of a lot of sleeping and tv watching. My Mom, sister and Jody are obsessed with the same TV shows (The Biggest Loser and So You think You can Dance) so we watched a lot those shows. I will admit the Biggest Loser is not the best show to watch during the holiday season. There you all getting ready to eat as much food as you possibly can and your watching these people bust their butts to get the weight off!!
Lets see what else did we do. We came back to the Logan the day after Thanksgiving, we needed to do some shopping and some other errands. We went shopping with my brother Bryce and our little niece Kaylee. It was good parenting practice because she is an active two year old. We went to the Logan mall and the thing she was most excited about was playing on the ice cream. They have this play area with huge ice creams cones/ other desserts that she was practically pulling off my arm to get to. Wow I almost forgot to mention my brother and his wife had a little baby girl the previous Monday! Her name is McKell Ann King, I think thats how you spell her name, I'll have to check on that.
Logan was great, on Saturday we planned the whole day around the BYU Utah game. Wow that was a great game, almost gave me a heart attack but still a great game!! We had to listen to the last five minutes in the car because we were headed back to Provo. I don't recomened listening to any game on the radio. Not being able to see the game is not fun!!! I made Jody drive because if we won or lost I might have driven us into a ditch!! As most of you know BYU won and all was right with the world.
Fast forward to this past Saturday and I found myself in enemy territory. I had to take the GRE. The only place in all of Utah I could take it was up on the University of Utah's campus, so I was a little nervous going up there because I have BYU license plates! But everything went according to plan, the GRE wasn't too bad. I'm above average for all the schools were applying to except for one, Arizona State, but I'm only off a few points off. It feels so good to have it be over, now I just need to get everything in by January 15. The final schools are UNLV, SDSU, Arizona State, U of Arizona and Texas Tech. Well thats about it, were just excited for Christmas!!