Hello Friends. Yes indeed it has been quite awhile since i have last posted. It is so aweful that i procrastinate so much because so much happens and then my posts are FOREVER long.

Anyway back to the purpose of my post. Ty and I are doing great! Ty is loving school although senior-itis has begun to set in for him. He is so good, I think i had senioritis when i was a freshman!! Good thing he wants to be in school for the rest of his working life, since he wants to be a professor. What a good man. All i can say is i PLEAD for our children to get most of his traits. He is so honest, he loves school, he is a great student, he doesnt have one mean bone in his body, he is just so mild mannered and easy to get along with. What a great person he is!!

Pregnancy life is pretty good. No complaints here. Well other then I get the most WICKED headaches. But its really cool now because I am starting to feel the baby move! I was thinking at around 14-15 weeks that maybe i could feel something fishy going on in there, but i was just never sure. But I am thinking for sure it is little baby movements. We are pretty excited to find out what we are having, we get to find out Nov. 5 so like 3 more weeks and we can start call "it", he or she!! I have a strong feel it is a girl, but who really knows. I am now 17 weeks along and I cant believe how fast it has gone. I am ALMOST half way through this pregnancy, ALREADY?!! I am really debating on if i should put a baby countdown thing on our blog. I think it is fun when i see other peoples blog and see how far along they are but i am afraid i will look at it everyday and it will drive me crazy to find just how much longer we actually have to go.

I guess I will post a few pics of my ever growing belly. I seriously dont think I should be THIS big already (esp since I saw mindy's pic of her preg belly today and she is TINY!, Not to mention that she is almost a month ahead of me) Anyway, here goes nothin.

This is around 9 weeks or so
I think this is at 11 weeks (I try to take pics every two weeks or so)

This is 13 weeks

This is at 15 weeks (already huge)And finally, this is today. 17 weeks along. Holy crap, I think I am having twins or something!!! I just hope it is starting to look like a pregnant belly instead of a beer belly (not that i drink). One day when i was about 14 weeks or so I was buying some maternity jeans at JC Penney and the cashier said "well you aren't pregnant are you?" And i said " ya, I am, Im not showing that much yet, im only 14 wks" she then replied "oh, you just look like you have gained weight". SHE SERIOUSLY SAID THAT!!! Honestly, in what senario would make that ok to say to someone? So hopefully, look like i am carrying something of value other than extra twinkies and dorito's some people may think is only in there!!