Little Lucy

SSOOO here is a little update of our little precious Lucy. Last night Tyler and I were released to go home from the hospital. Man what a long awaited time! But let me tell you, it was one of the hardest things ever, having to leave behind our baby. I was on the verge of tears all day knowing that time would come and when it did come, boy were the tears rolling. In fact i swear I havent stopped crying since!!! Sheesh, people were right, emotions run HIGH after you have a baby. It has all been so surreal. In my last post i talked about how weird it was to get that connection with her because of all the shinanagans that went on, but let me just say, I seriously cant imagine my life without her. Gosh the love i feel for her is unbelievably overwhelming (hence the tears). Gosh i thought for sure that I couldnt feel anything more powerful then when I fell in love with tyler. That was THE most amazing feeling I had/have. But now that I have my baby here, words cannot explain what I feel. I cannot believe that Heavenly Father thinks I deserve such blessings!! But i guess I will just take it and run right!? Even though it is SO incredibly hard to have her still in the hospital, i know that she is being watched over. Her nurses and Dr's are incredibly talented and I know she is in great hands. The one great thing that I have out of this, is that by the time she gets home, I will be ready, I will be healed, rested (hopefully) and ready to take on the new challenge of motherhood. Since I was kinda put through the ringer, I am really grateful for this time to heal so I can be 100% for my baby. Sorry this is so long and I still havent even updated you on the latest with our he-woman baby. My heart is just so full right now I just cant help it!
Ok ok, here it is, the latest with lucy goose. Since the hardest thing we have to do/teach Lucy right now is learning to eat, I get to do this cute "training" session with her twice a day. Basically i try to get her to breastfeed and kinda show her what to do, but then when she doesnt do it, we get to have "skin to skin" time, where I just hold her next to me, and she just falls right to sleep. It is the cutest thing!! But today she has made GREAT improvements. She got to have to IV taken out AND she started to latch on!!! Man she gets SO mad when we have to practice feeding, but today SHE DID IT!!! Granted, it wore her completely out and as soon as she latched she was gonzo, but, she did it! She has to be under the billy lights starting today too, but thats ok. So hopefully she will continue to eat and grow, and get stronger, and everything else that will help her come home. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers, you are all wonderful, seriously, and here come the tears...


What a week!

Man alive!!! What a week it sure has turned out to be. It has been crazy, scary, wonderful, great, aweful, everything all wrapped into one. I am still in the hospital PRAYING that we (daddy and I) are able to go home tonight. My blood pressure is still high, so it may be iffy. All i can say is sleeping in hospitals is not cool. I guess it would be similar to when we bring Lucy home, no sleep at all. This has been such a crazy experience, now i am talking about birth and the new life of motherhood. When they induced my labor i could immediately feel the result of the on coming contractions. At that point, EPIDURAL please!!! I seriously CANNOT believe I ever contemplated going natural, ARE YOU KIDDING, not in a million years. Praise to all you poineer women out there that go natural, you guys are TOUGH cookies!!! I was trying to focus and breath and do all those things while you are contracting, but thanks to the super friendly chattiness of my nurse, I had to listen to her talk about chocolate, and laughing, shooting the breeze like nothing. To her, it probably was, but to me, I just wanted to scream! But then i luckily got the epidural in and all was well in zion, well of course, until the going got tough and it wore off almost completely and I felt pretty much EVERYTHING!!! Lets just say that going through birth was THE absolute hardest/painful thing I have ever done in my life. There were moments when I honestly did not think I could do it, but somehow it happened and all of a sudden I saw my little juicy butterball being carried over to get worked on. Talk about SURREAL!!!! I had invisioned this moment time and time again, and once again, just like the rest of the week, it wasnt exactly how I imagined. I was in such shock thinking that I have a real life child and watching the nurses carry her away, that I had no emotion. I thought that I should cry, but i couldnt, I just layed there. Isnt that the weirdest thing?! I had no emotions when my first born child was born. I only got to hold her for about 2 minutes before they had to take her away again. And again, I just layed there in complete oblivion. It has been so strange these last couple of days, having a child but only with the supervision of others. We cant take her to our room and when we are in the nursery, all the nurses, other babies and parents, and machines are all around and we cant just be a family all by ourselves and that is a really strange thing to us. I just want to hold my baby all day, and just look at her and marvel at how precious she is. She may have to be in the hospital until her actual due date (March 30) but she may get to come home sooner (fingers crossed) if she learns how to eat. I just pray that all goes well, I cant wait to have my family all to myself, healthy and happy!!!!

Baby Lucy

Well friends baby Lucy is here, just a few weeks earlier than what we expected. Both Jody and Lucy are doing great but after being in the hospital since Tuesday we are ready to go home. Since Lucy was so early she gets to stay here. Its kind of weird. We don't feel like real parents yet because we can go hold her, feed her but then we leave and have round the clock babysitters to do everything else for us. Yes I know we should enjoy it while it lasts. Needless to say its pretty awesome having a baby girl, I highly recommend it! I'll keep this short and I'll post some pictures of her so everyone can stop saying I'm a bad husband for not putting pictures up sooner.


Holy crap!!!!

Well, what an interesting day it has turned out to be! This morning I had my two week Dr appt and it turns out that my blood pressure is HIGH and I have quite a bit of protein in my urine (TMI, i know). So the Dr had me go straight to the hospital with the news that I could be a real life mommy by tomorrow!!! WWWHHHHAAAAATTTT!!! I am only 34 weeks, I cannot be having a baby right now! I am not ready, what about complications with the baby being early, what if there are complications with my health, what if, what if, what if!!!!! Talk about a scare and a half. I was in complete shock when they were explaining all this to me. I knew something wasnt quite right with myself, but then again, i have never been pregnant before, I thought feeling like crap was just part of the deal (which I think it is to a certain extent).
So here is the run down of what has been happening today and what may or may not happen by tomorrow. I got to the hospital and they put me on fetal monitors and a blood pressure cuff and they monitored me for a few hours. My blood pressure didnt really go down much so then we went in to have an ultrasound. That was cool and it was great news. The baby is doing great! WHEW!! There is plenty of fluid in there and everything has developed just fine. In fact it turns out that she is measuring a week ahead! So that is great news. She is approx 5 lbs 9 oz. And yes she is still a SHE ( i was kinda nervous about that). So everything with the baby looks great, so we couldnt be happier. But since my blood pressure didnt go down and there is even MORE protein in my urine (sorry, i know tmi) I have to stay over night here at the hospital for further testing. WOW I did not see this coming!!! So here is the run down, if my blood pressure gets over 160 or if there is over 5 (grams?) of protein in my urine after 24 hours, then SUPRISE we will be having our little baby tomorrow!!!! Again, WHAT!!!! But if I am stable and everything looks ok, then I just have to be on STRICT bedrest until I have her, and if thats the case (which it probably will be) then i have to go to the Dr twice a week to be monitored and have an ultrasound and more testing and if I actually get to 37 weeks (mind you, that is ONLY 3 weeks away) then they will induce me. So it looks like I am on maternity leave early, poor work, i haven't even trained the person who is taking care of my stuff while I am gone, I feel so bad! So ya, that is the jist of things. Pretty darn crazy. But I actually feel ok about it all, I was really scared in the beginning but I know things are going to be ok regardless of what happens. Keep us in your prayers!