St. George

Every year we have made it a tradition with the Kings to make the voyage to St George for the awesome Tuachan. This year we saw Aladdin. I hated it... JUST KIDDING. Like all other Tuachan plays, it was absolutely amazing. The costumes were so detailed and cool. They had real life camels, which was double cool. And you cant beat great company! I sadly didnt get one single picture... Boo... So you will just have to imagine...
  • The kiddo's at a cool splash pad/park
  • The guys moving the BS Kings to a new house
  • Kaylee singing "Stuck Like Glue" for the 800th time.
  • The "big" girls out shopping and eating the most delish pie
  • Mckell and Lucy not getting along
  • Going to the Esplins to play in the pool and have a pizza par-tay
  • And finallly, teasing Cam about his love life
 We started and ended the summer in St George and it was great BOTH times. Thanks Ama and Papa King for the great memories and vacation!

Bear Lake

I love going to Bear Lake in August. Its so pretty and the water is warm with the most amazing turquoises color. It was the Nelson reunion (minus a few people) and it was lots of fun. The best part of all was that Lucy had TONS of people to play with and give her all the attention she demands. Again, more pics...

Wise River

Over the 24th of July we had the opportunity to go to Wise River, Montana. Ever heard of it? I didnt think so. Thats probably because the population is about 5. Our cabin was literally in the middle of nowhere, a few miles outside of the booming metropolis that it was said to be located. But it was AWESOME! Not only did we have the river right out our back yard but there was a private stocked fishing pond and all the fresh air you could handle. It was gorgeous. We played a lot of Skip-Bo, ate lots and lots of yummy food and just relaxed! Here are some pictures that I know you are dying to see ;)

So apparently Wise River and the surrounding areas has a "wolf problem" as well as bears and other animals that can eat you for a mid-morning snack. But this is the extent of our widelife encounters.
Lots of elk

Lots of Bald Eagles

 Reenacting The River Runs Through It

 Isnt my little snookie GORGEOUS! These turned out great!

Ama King and my Ty Bear