100th post!

Happy 100th post birthday to my blog! Thats kind of a mouth full. It has only taken over 4 years to accomplish this feat but alas, it finally happened. I would like to take a moment and thank a few people who have contributed to this little slice of interweb heaven. Without them, it wouldnt be where it is today. First off my editor Tyler, you know who you are, and what you've done. 2nd: Lucy, for without her craziness I would have nothing to blog about. And lastly the Man up above for giving me the gift of a computer and internet to which I owe this awesomeness. Thank you academy!

Whew! Glad to get that over with (as are you, im sure). I wish I had something super exciting to commemorate this momentous occasion.  turns out, we arent moving to St George like we had hoped. The company whom Ty has been interviewing with decided to table the position for now. Possibly in a few weeks/months they will revisit this option and they still want Ty to keep in touch. For now, back to the job hunting grind. Will it ever end? We sometimes/often wonder. However, we are very confident that the right job for our family will pop up. Somehow, somewhere, Heaven only knows when. Until then, patience is what we are striving for. That seems to be the story of our lives. Is it that way with anyone else? It seems that with EVERY aspect of our lives, since the day we have been married, our patience have been in constant workout mode. Maybe the Lord feels that we are SEVERELY lacking in this area and he wants to get us up to the same level as the rest of society. What doesnt kill us makes us stronger right? Right? (I hear crickets chirping in the silent background.) Oh well, patience it is.

to make the time go by faster I have revisited my nagging urge to find a hobby, or something to help these freezing days of staying inside more enjoyable. What is this new found hobby you ask? Well, im not sure yet. I need something creative, relatively cheap, something lucy cant easily destroy, and something that I can feel accomplished and satisfied. And... maybe something that i can create a smashingly popular etsy shop out of where shows like the Today Show, Ellen, or Oprah will rave about (have i gone too far?). If anyone has insight to this amazing talent yet to be untapped with in me, please feel free to share!

Just because she is cute...


So im not exactly sure what to blog about today...

Ooh I know! Ty has an interview!!! On monday Ty has an interview with a company in St George called Contact Point. We are super excited because this is the first "bite" we have had in a while. So we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Lucy started a gymnastics class and she LOVED it! since she turns 3 next month (tear and sniffle) she can move up to the next level, or do dance instead. Not sure what to do

I started hormone therapy. I think my body needs to get used to ALL these changes/medications cause i feel a little funky. Hopefully in a few days or weeks ill be feeling great! but good news. We thought we would have to wait 9 or so months to be able to go back on the baby-makin band wagon (awkward, sorry) but it turns out its only 6!! And there is a great chance that we wont have to to IVF. But we will cross that bridge when it gets here.

I seriously cant believe its basically the middle of January. Im ok with this because I am not a fan of January. The dog days of winter is not what I call a party. Its just so bleak, cold, ugly, tons of sickness goes around, we are cooped up inside, and there is nothing to celebrate. At least in feb we have valentines day, and its a short month. But it is quickly on its way out of here, YEA!!!

Did I mention my baby is turning 3 next month. This has been surprisingly hard for me. My mom said the other day that she looks like a little girl now and lost that baby look. Now I know that its not only me that is noticing this change, its apparent to others too. I think I feel super guilty and sad about this because for the last year I have been so focused on having another baby that I feel like I have missed out on Lucy growing up. This realization has also been hard on me. Ive been so focused on my week to week and month to month life and it has been so blurry that all of a sudden my baby became a big girl in the blink of an eye. Well, whats done is done, I cant go back and change it now. So i guess I will have to make the most of the fact that she is still so little and relies so much on me.     


Starting the year off right!

Wow another year has arrived! 2012 sped by so quick, I can hardly believe its already gone. Last night we got home from a party and it was 11 so Ty and I watched the final episode of the Modern FAmily 1st season and when it was over we realized that we had 2 min before it was midnight! Nice timing! So watched our phones for when the clock struck 12 and then we gave a little smooch and headed off to bed. We are old, staying up to midnight is not our thing anymore. But I think last night was our FIRST New Years kiss! Can you believe it! Every other year we have had major stuff going on that we are just too tired to stay up (2 years had surgeries, exhausted from baby Lucy, sickness). So I will choose to believe that 2013 will be a super lucky year for us since we started it off right!

At least I hope its a lucky one! This year a TON of big/life changing things will be taking place (hence why we need the good luck). We have been applying for jobs for Ty for the past few months and have had no luck. We have 4 months to find a great career before Ty is officially done with school and the job he has now is finished. We have been applying EVERYWHERE, in the world actually. So that means we could potentially be moving as far away as England or as close as Provo. Ty is even taking the Air Force Officer test in a month and we could very well take that course. But come April, whether we have a job or not we officially have to move, time for other siblings to get a chance to live in the greatest condo ever! So we definitely have a move in our forecast, which is super exciting!

This year Ty will forever and always be complete with school!!! That means we will no longer be students!!! That means we can be grown ups and have a grown up job, with a salary, and with benefits, and a regular schedule, and benefits, and a salary, and hopefully NO MORE JOB HUNTING! My poor Ty... He has applied to well over 50 jobs and he hasnt been hired yet. It is so stressful for him and he works SSSOOOOO hard and doing literally everything he can to find someone to give him a chance. We are still hopeful and know that a great opportunity will find its way to us someway, somehow, someday!

In Lucy's year we hope to have her potty trained (we started again yesterday), and also have her thoroughly know her ABC's and numbers. We also have 2 months left of speech therapy and occupational therapy, so we hope to have improvements there as well. We also want to get her into dance or gymnastics.

As far as Im concerned my life should be changing in 9 days. I start hormone therapy. We have found a new route in our hopes to someday bring home another munchkin, and hormone treatment is it! I am really excited for this! From what I have studied and heard, I should feel like a normal person again! I hope that for the first time in 5 years, I will sleep through the night! That alone will change my life! But not only that, I hope that my pre-pubescent acne face will clear up and I can finally drop a few lbs (it is impossible with PCOS and out-raged hormones!). I hope to have more energy, not have a fussy mind, be a nicer (non mama bear) relaxed and chilled out constitution! I hope to get back to ME!!! But the one down side is we have to wait probably 9 months or so before I can get pregnant, bummer, but at least maybe it can happen naturally and we wont have to spend $12,000 for it to maybe happen.  Is this all TMI? Oh well.

This post is forever long. But I am so excited and hopeful for an AWESOME year ahead! I cant wait for all the changes and new things coming our way. Happy New Year everyone!