Ty and I have been trying new things for dinner, things we have never had, broading our paletted adventures, spicing up our pots and pans if you will. Last nights creation was called
Everything Jambalaya courtesy of Rachel Ray. We have never had jambalaya before but we like all the ingredients and we like to try different cultured things, so we thought we would give it a try. It was DE-LISH!!! It was so good, and it may be even better the next day (that was lunch for today also). I highly suggest it. I think trying new things is usually always a great experience, and this was no exception.

So the funniest thing, well sort of. Lucy is starting to throw fits, i guess your never to young to start. But she just started making this deep throat straining/growling thing and kind of holds her breath and her face gets red when she gets mad. I have got to get it on camera one of these days. P.s. she is starting to LOVE her rice cereal and other foods. Oh ya, and she is obsessed with sticking out her tongue and screaming. Oh how I love my Lucy bear!

In other news. I have finally went to part time at work. Like really part time (10-13 hours) and I cant tell you how I love it. I dont mean to rub it in to you mommies who work full time, honestly i pray for you mothers who wish to stay home but cant. I really do, often actually cause I know how you feel when you have to leave your little ones to do something you dont want to do but have to. Anyway, so I started to stay home more and it really got me thinking. since probably high school i have always wanted be a stay at home mom, but "work" from home. I say "work" because what i REALLY mean is "create". I love doing crafty/artistic things. Anything with my hands I love to do, if its creative. So it has always been at the back of my mind, until lately, now it is very much at the front of my mind! The only problem is, I dont know how. Meaning I dont know what to make, how to sell it, how to market, pretty much I dont know anything. I want to do something that not everyone else and their dog, cousin, cousin's next door neighbor, and their great aunt does. You know, I want to do something unique, or sort of unique. I love Etsy, but EVERYONE sells on Etsy, how on earth can I stand out. You search necklace's on that website and 3,496 pages show up! Also it kind of scares me, because I dont want a hobby that I love turn in to "work". Meaning that I am a slave to it, and i get so bogged down that i dont have time to spend with my family, which is why I dont want to work. Anyway, its just been on my mind. I guess if it is supposed to happen, it will. Something will come up.