Last week we spent the weekend in Logan. We went to help Bryce with the Health Days festival thing that he was in charge of and to get away. It hasnt been since January that we had been to Logan so we thought it was about HIGH time we get up there. Saturday we ran the 5k in Smithfield and it went pretty well. We all did really well. My mother-in-law killed us all in time though. Nice, a woman in her late 40's totally destroyed her children that are more than half her age. She was AWESOME!! I am proud to say I smashed my last time by almost 10 minutes!! But trust me, its not saying much, this girl that was about 15-20 yards ahead of me the whole time stopped and walked probably 10 times and i STILL never caught up to her, thats how slow I am. But it was fun and I am glad I did it.
Yesterday we had Lucy's well check visit. Ty took her in since I was at work and I get a text that Lucy is still only a WHOPPING 18 lbs!!! WHAT!!! She hasnt gained an ounce in 3 months. I felt like the worst mom ever!!! She is the tiniest, skinniest baby and I feel like its all my fault. She is less than the 5th percentile, and that is also for her adjusted age of 13 months instead of 15 months. Nice. I swear on everything we feed our child. She is just so picky and she NEVER stops moving to boot. But seriously I feel HORRIBLE!!! So immediately after work I went to wally world (I hate the orem wal-mart btw!!!) and stocked up on pediasure, avacados, olives to add to our 3 jars of peanut butter and other high fat food to hopefully sneak some weight on this little munchkin. I hate that the nurse said just to feed her icecream, cookies, french fries and any other horrible food. Like I am really going to stuff my childs face with junk food all day. Seriously? And we wonder why there is a HUGE epidemic of obesity in our country. But one thing I could NOT find was full fat yogurt. All they had was low-fat. Does anyone know where to get full-fat kind? What brand? Anyway, in my goal to LOSE ten pounds I am determined for Lucy to GAIN 10 pounds. Ok maybe not 10 for Luce, I'll settle for 5. Heck, Ill even take 1!!!!


Wow so much to blog about and so little time I swear!! This past month and this current month are SUPER busy for us but I like to feel busy and of course its the good busy where we get to do awesome things. For example, the last weekend in April I went to Women's Conference with the King girls and we also just hung out just us girls and did wedding stuff and ate a LOT of cupcakes. It was fun but after two days straight of 20,000+ women all together for 8 hours a day, I was exhausted!!! But it was great and lots of fun. Sorry no pics, Catherine has them all

Also today we just got back from the BEAUTIFUL St George!!! We were SO lucky to be able to go with the Kings to St George to celebrate a great family friends wedding and enjoy one of our favorite places also. Ty and I LOVE St George, we would move there in a second if we had a house, a job, and didnt have to worry about the 4 hour commute to BYU we would have to take. Oh man, we LOVE it. It was so nice to finally be in warm weather!!! We also experienced a new restaurant. Its called Anasazi and its INCREDIBLE!!! They sear your meat before they bring it to you but they bring it on a 700 degree rock that you continue to cook it on to your liking. It was SO good. All they season it with is salt, thats it, and it is SUCH good flavor, it needs nothing else. Not to mention the chocolate fondue we had for dessert!!! OH. MY.!!!!! They make it for you right at your table and they bring a platter with all kinds of fruit, pretzels, cheesecake, cream puffs, the WORKS. YOU HAVE TO GO!!! Did we mention we LOVE St. George!!!! I could go on, but I shall continue...

Next week we are going to Logan to help out Ty's brother put on this 5k race for his work. I am in NO shape to run 3 miles, but Im committed to not wuss out.

Then we just have other random stuff followed by a weekend in good ol Sanpete for Memorial Day. That is a special weekend for us. It was almost 3 years ago that my sister Holly passed away and FINALLY we have set a date to do her temple work, and its memorial weekend. Its about time!!! We are excited and truly feel it a blessing to do this.

Also last weekend we went and took some "Easter" pictures of Lucy and here are a few for your entertainment.


Good day

Today is a great day. Not only is it the beginning of one of my most favorite months of the year, but it was actually starting to warm up outside!! Also Ty had a meeting with a professor of the communications department at BYU and it went REALLY well. Turns out Ty got the assistantship that he applied for!!! I cannot tell you how glad we are for that!! SO BLESSED! He also learned that he was 1 of only TEN students that got accepted into BYU's program. HOLY SMOKES. Way to go hun!! Also this week we are heading down south to thoroughly enjoy the hot sun and some wedding bliss. What a good day!! But most of all today is a great day because 3 years ago today I married this handsome devil...

Wow 3 years... So much has happened. So much incredible, awesome, worrisome, heartbreaking, breathtaking, spiritual, stressful, beautiful memories we will have to share. I love my Tyler more than I could have ever imagined loving anyone. No one could be more perfect for me, than him.
I Love you sweetheart, forever and for always