We are officially back from St. George. It was a short lived moment we had there, but great non the less. But we are sure glad to be back to Provo. I honestly didn't think I would miss it. I mean we were only gone 6 weeks, but I have to admit, I kinda missed the ol' Utah county. I guess it just feels like home to me, and its always good to be home. I am glad for the pretty mountains and provo river. I am glad for the more mild temp (compared to St. George) and how much more humid it is here. Don't get me wrong, Provo is dryer than a bone compared to most of the country, but St. George is dryer than dryer than a bone! We are glad to be by our friends and closer to family. I think the thing we will miss from St George is the fact that there are TONS of bike trails right outside our door. We got really into biking and its just so convenient there and we don't have to worry about the wretched traffic and driving on the street with Lucy towing behind in the trailer. Also, lets not lie, we will definitely miss the home we stayed in. We were spoiled beyond belief with all the space and high tech amenities that I don't have (like a Kitchenaid, and Ninja, bikes, yard, King sized bed, and the list could go on for pages). We are just super grateful to Ty's parents for letting us stay there and bum off of them for the time being.

I love summertime. I just love it. To me, there is nothing better. It just seems like life is a little more laid back and everyone is more loose and fancy free. I love how pretty it is and how good it smells outside with all the flowers and grass. I love that I can go outside without a coat, and we can go swimming, have bbq's, outdoor parties. I just love it all.