Greetings one and all! Today is a great day. This actually was a great week! Last week Ty had surgery on his nose. He had a deviated septum among other things that needed to be fixed. So under the knife he went and 2 hours later he was all fixed. High as a kite, but fixed non-the-less. It was awesome I went in the recovery room and he was just happy as a clam. The five questions he would ask right in a row were "where is Lucy, is she sleeping?", "is my nose huge?", "do I have black eyes?", and "your so pretty". He honestly said those things at least 5 times right in a row. I said "buddy can I get you anything?" and he replied "just a Jody sandwich" or something to that affect. So that weekend was a LONG weekend, draining, and hard. But he is doing great and finally being able to breath again!

So today was a great day. Not just because it was Sunday and we got to go and praise the Lord, dont get me wrong, that is cause enough for a great day, but today, today we have peace of mind. Last night after I put Lucy to bed and while Ty was at work, I sat down and filed our taxes. Last year we got HOSED with our tax return, but not this year!!! After every page of questions I was so worried to click submit for fear that the amount of the return would vanish. But instead it just kept going up and up!! Finally, FINALLY we get a real savings started. Finally we can buy a vacuum, one from a real store, not one from the 1960's that weighs 50 lbs, squeeks, stinks, and makes me think about swearing every time i use it, ("use" is a loose term). And we get to buy Lucy a big girl car seat!! Gosh now I know why Ty's brother and his family have a baby every year, because its like winning the lottery without sinning! To bad we didnt buy a house too.

So speaking of Lucy getting a big girl car seat, I cant believe she is to the point where she gets to have one! My little baby girl is basically in college now and it makes me want to cry. Not just because she is getting so big so fast and soon she wont be my "little" shnookie bear but because the vast realization of having to start thinking about getting pregnant again will be soon upon us. Ya, ya say what you want, the fact of the matter is, I dont LOVE being pregnant. Im not even going to get into this topic because I could go on for years about loving/hating pregnancy, but I wont. I just wont. I love my baby like nobody's business, and that wont stop me from having more kids, and yes we had to use fertility medicine to get her here, but that doesnt mean I have to love every second of being pregnant! I dont HATE being pregnant, but I dont love it either. Ok here i am getting all worked up...

In other news... Our home teachers today gave us a challenge to bare our testimony's or share a part of the gospel in our cyber world on a weekly basis. So here is mine for today. I know that Christ lives and loves us. I do. I KNOW it. It is as simple as that. Those times that are ridiculously hard, shape our lives and make us better, stronger and bring us closer to the Lord. This year Tyler and I have put that to the test for sure and here we are, we have more blessings than we can count, and we love each other and the Church more than ever. The countless things that have "gone wrong" this year has made us more strong than I think we thought we ever could be and made us realize that WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. The Lord isnt going to leave us hanging he will help us, to where he see's fit. This i know is true!