Reality check

Today one of my worst nightmares hit close to home. It was a horrible moment that seemed to last a lifetime. Lucy and I went swimming with our neighbors and one of the little boys drowned. Luckily, after being unconscience for hours and being life flighted, just a bit ago he finally woke up (thank heavens) and so far no signs of brain damage. Nobody knows how long he was in the pool struggling and it all happened so fast, yet seemed to last forever.  A little boy no bigger than an 8-9 year old is the one that saved him and pulled him out. He is a stranger and no one knows who he was but he is such a hero!

After getting the situation under control and helping out with the other kids and coming home I just couldnt get my mind off of what happened, and what could have happened, and how it could have been my child. I felt so helpless. The only thing I knew I could do at that moment was to pray. So Lucy, and the little boys sister (whom we took home), and I got on our knees. Have you ever been in a moment like this? Where you feel so worried, helpless, scared, yet grateful at the same time? Grateful because of the little boy who found him and by some miracle pushed him out of the pool even though he himself was little and they were in deeper water. Grateful that his mom was able to resuscitate him with CPR. Grateful for the blessings that I have, and for the awesome people who were there. But mostly, grateful for my precious loves. Man, what a moment that quickly brings you to reality. All of a sudden I was so aware of every time I raised my voice at Lucy, moments where she got hurt and was scared, how fragile life is, and how easy it is to get complacent and forget the blessings we have.

(continuing from last night)

Last night I had a hard time sleeping. I can only imagine what my friend is going through and what is going through her mind as she was trying to sleep. Again, I wish there was something I could do. Anyway today is a new day. I have my beautiful baby girl and my loving husband. Really what is more important than that? A new car, building our dream house, or going on a relaxing vacation? I may not have "things" but at least I have an awesome marriage and an adorable little girl who never ceases to make me smile.


Lindsey said...

That is so scary! I hope he keeps improving!

Emily said...

oh jody! it still kills me that the whole experience affected so many other people. one thing i know is that i couldn't have gotten through it without you there. i can never thank you enough!!