Back to the grind

Let see.... Right now I am watching Duch Dynasty. Can I just say how happy this show makes me. Its so nice to see a family that actually shows they love each other, are respectful, God fearing , and not to mention absolutely  hilarious. But I digress. This is not the purpose of this post.

So some catch up on what has been going on. So last week we went to Logan and spent a few days for the 2nd reception of Cam and Rebecca. I was making the cupcakes for the blessed event and plus we had Time out for Women that we went to. It was a much needed vacation and it was jam packed full of fun.  I think I forgot to post about the actual wedding, now that I think of it. Maybe I should start with that.

On Aug 24 Ty's little bro got married. He was the last in the fam to get married so we relished in festivities cause there isnt going to be a wedding in the family for a long time. Well minus our good friends we consider family including Ty's best buddy. So we spent the night in Salt Lake because thats where the wedding was and then the rest of the time at the Nelsons, ty's grandparents in Orem. It was a lot of fun.

Here is the wedding cake. Yes I made it. There are a few things i REALLY wanted to fix with it, but oh well.

So now for the stay in Logan. I am absolutely LAME at taking pictures. So I have none. However I am waiting for my peeps to post some and then I can steel them (bwa-ha-hah-ha!) But to say the least it pretty much rained the WHOLE time we were there. But it was SSOOO nice and cool, it felt great. It was definitely hard coming back to 90+ degree weather :( But it miraculously cleared up for the reception! What a blessing. My MIL worked SSOOO hard on this reception in their backyard and I think I would have cried for her if it would have rained. Lucy had a blast playing with all the kids in her "princess" dress and getting oodles of attention. Then with Time Out for Women all of us girls went. It was a 2 day event for LDS women and there are lots of speakers and entertainment and of course lots and lots of women. ITs very similar to Womens Conference at BYU except we stay in one place and the speakers come to us! It was really good and very inspirational. Of course there are speakers where there isnt a dry eye in the place, and there are some that were seriously hilarious, and some that were so informational and educational that I thought my head was going to explode.  All in all great week, great people, great food, and awesome fun!

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