New Year!

Wow I feel like a broken record when I say that 2013 FLEW right past me. Ty and I were talking and this past year was the fastest yet. I think its because we had so many new things going on. Here is a breakdown of our last year

Jan-Uneventful. Thought we had a new leash on infertility (turns out that Dr was bogus kind of) but we didnt. Trying to stay patient and positive while waiting in limbo for our lives to change.

Feb-Lucy turned 3! I couldnt believe it. I honestly felt like I missed her entire 2nd year because I was so focused on other things and trying to survive the terrible two's, life in limbo, and endless infertility. So shame on me, but I learned a valuable lesson! Ty was interviewing for job opportunities.

March-This was a big month! We moved to St George! Ty got a job with Voxxy Networks and we up and moved very quickly. This has been a great opportunity to live here and we have had a great time!

April-Celebrated my 28th birthday. My twenties are quickly winding down and it scares me! I feel like life is passing by so quickly, but yet Im not sure how to slow it down. I was also inspired to start up a cake decorating business this month. Also my grandpa Pickett passed away. He was a GREAT person. It was a great blessing that he wasnt suffering any more but still really sad as he left my sweet grandma behind.

May-Pretty uneventful other than the Potty Gods smiled upon us. Potty training Lucy was a little more than absolutely wretched and this month was purely magical! Also getting things taken care of with my new business
Lucy's new bike incentive for being fully potty trained!
Kite Festival
June- Started more infertility treatments in Vegas. Its getting SUPER hot here in St George

Ty's first "major" bike wreck. And that's not all his scrapes either!
July-Won my first cake decorating contest. Got my first "cease and assist" letter from the city for making a cake without my license! What a joke! STILL waiting on the city for my license

Aug-Ty celebrated his 28th bday. I think this hit him harder than it did me. I think he almost came home with a brand new Ferari and his hair dyed! Ty's last sibling Cam got married this month
color festival which Lucy HATED! She bawled the whole time

Sept- Royal Icing Cake Design was officially born this month! FINALLY! I have enjoyed making cakes SO much. It was a nightmare to get started but I am so glad I did it. Just in the past few months I have learn so much and my decorating skills have improved drastically! Also Lucy started preschool. My baby is going to school. I almost cried. She looked so big and cute in her giant backpack. She LOVES school. I am so glad we decided to put her in at 3 instead of waited til 4. She has learned so much and her speech and behavioral skills are night and day! It has been so good to have her be with lots of other kids and people in charge and new rules and things to do.

Oct- Halloween. Lucy REALLY got into Halloween this year. She was sleeping beauty and Ty and I were burglars.

November- Celebrated all we are thankful for.

December- Least busy Christmas season we have had yet! Had a freak snow storm that paralyzed St George and

I know a lot more went on that I cant think of right now but that is the jist of our 2013


Chad and Mandi said...

I love all the fun stuff you guys do...kite festival, color festival...it makes me wish (now I am the broken record) that we lived closer. That is so great that Lucy has had a good experience in preschool. I need to call you sometime cause I am kind of worried about Jordyn's speech and I don't know how to help her, and it sounds like you know have been successful!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like a full year! I love reading about what you have been up to!